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Setting local speed limits: a consultation



The Department for Transport has published a consultation on setting local speed limits. The proposed guidance sets out the framework that traffic authorities should follow when setting and reviewing local speed limits on single and dual carriageway roads in urban and rural areas, and should be finalised by the end of 2012. The circular pulls together some changes already introduced by the coalition government including reducing the number of signs relating to speed limits, and more flexibility for local authorities to implement 20mph zones in urban areas. It also proposes that local authorities should consider reducing the speed limit on some rural single carriageway roads from 60mph to 40mph in a variety of circumstances, including where there are ‘many bends, junctions or accesses’ or where there are ‘considerable numbers of vulnerable road users (walkers, cyclists or horse riders).

The consultation is aimed at local authorities in England. The deadline for responses is 5 October 2012. You can email responses to the questions or complete an online consultation form.

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