The House of Lords Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change concluded in its report, Ready for Ageing? that “the Government and our society are woefully unprepared” for the rapid ageing of the UK population.

10.7 million people in Great Britain can currently expect inadequate pensions; the major shift to ‘defined’ contribution pensions through money purchase discourages saving, a major defect which the Government, pensions industry and employers must address.

There is a serious funding gap for long-term social care in England; before the next election, all political parties should consider the balance of responsibility between individuals and the Government in meeting the needs of an ageing society.

Current NHS reforms are set to complicate service integration but since further major structural upheaval of the health care system would be counter-productive, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups should innovate, especially with new forms of cross-service outcome-based commissioning.

This briefing is of interest to all and especially to local Councillors, senior officers and those working in Adult Care Services and Local Planning and Housing Departments.

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