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Parking Enforcement: Transport Select Committee Report



‘- The House of Commons’ Transport Select Committee has published a report on their inquiry into local parking enforcement (“Local authority parking enforcement”).

– The Committee believe that every local authority should publish an annual parking report to show precisely where their parking revenues come from and how any income is being used.

– While they support locally determined parking charges the Committee found it hard to justify fines that “substantially” exceed penalties for what they believe to be more serious offences like speeding. Recommending that the Government should freeze the maximum penalty charge and develop differential fines for less serious parking violations.

– The Committee also believes that it is unacceptable that local enforcement regimes are forcing some companies to incur penalties costing hundreds of thousands of pounds a year for carrying out their business. Concluding that local authorities must ensure that the need to restrict parking and manage congestion does not stifle the ability of businesses to trade.

– This briefing will be of interest to those elected members, cabinet members and officers with transport and regeneration responsibilities.

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