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Marmot Review: two years on



The Marmot Review (Fair Society, Healthy Lives), published in February 2010, confirmed that an individual’s health is influenced by wider social determinants such as income, employment, education and environmental quality.

Two years on, the UCL Institute for Healthy Equity has published data for upper tier local authorities in England on a set of indicators to help monitor progress to reduce health inequalities.

Nationally, life expectancy for both males and females continues to increase. However, health inequalities persist – and have in fact got worse since the original review was published – despite central government’s determination to reduce them.

Local authorities have an important role in tackling the social determinants of health because of their responsibilities in areas such as education and housing. The local level data on which the two year review is based provides valuable evidence for English local authorities as they plan to take on public health responsibilities from April 2013.

This briefing will also be of interest to health and wellbeing boards.

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