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Localisation, sustainability, and resilience in Newcastle, Australia: Harnessing the power of Anchor Collaboratives



  • This briefing is the final in a four-part series exploring opportunities for Local Government to grow local productivity and place-based wellbeing by intentionally adopting Anchor approaches. The briefing is based on the research project Localising Supply Chains commissioned by City of Newcastle, Australia and recently completed through a collaboration between Ethical Fields, The Yunus Centre Griffith University (YCGU), ArcBlue and Future Together Group (FTG).
  • The first briefing in this series introduced key concepts and discussed how Anchor approaches can improve place-based wellbeing; the second outlined an Auckland Council-led initiative to drive social and economic transformation in the South and West of the City through The Southern and Western Initiative (TSI); and the third explored an Anchor Collaborative that developed over time, based on a series of local economic development activities delivered through a partnership between Logan City Council, Queensland and The Yunus Centre Griffith University (YCGU).
  • The series will be of interest to elected members and council staff – including general managers, procurement teams, and others motivated to leverage core council business activities, infrastructure and partnerships in ways which improve wellbeing in their communities.

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