The research project, ‘Local Digital Today’, was undertaken by a project team comprising UKAuthority editorial and research staff, the Department for Communities & Local Government and the members of the Local Government Digital Alliance: Local Government Association, Socitm, Local CIO Council, Local Government Delivery Board, Local Contact Council and LocalGov Digital.

The research aimed to provide insight into how and where digital technologies can help local public services to provide better services to their citizens for less.

200 individuals submitted responses to this research – 178 Local Authority Personnel and 22 Supplier Personnel

The report highlights the belief that digital technologies will play a vital role in helping councils to deliver better services to their citizens for less cost to the public purse.

Respondents reported significant barriers, such as integration with existing legacy systems and ICT infrastructure and lack of funds, along with the significant cultural change that will be required to move an organisation into a digital future.

Leadership regarding best practice and raising digital ambition across the sector was seen to be key to successful digital transformation.

Highlights of the report see: 91% saying that Digital will help their organisation to deliver better for less; 84% saying that Digital will help citizens to interact with councils; 60% saying that Digital is already helping to deliver savings; 93% believing that digital leadership within the organisation, and 80% saying that digital leadership across local government, is key to delivering digital success; 82% saying that sharing digital best practice and experience is essential.

Barriers to success were identified as: Legacy systems & ICT infrastructure (72%), Cultural discomfort with digital change (50%) and unwillingness to change (49%).

It will be of particular interest to members and officers in all tiers of council leading on service transformation, digital technology and joined up delivery.

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