his is the second in a series of briefings on the policy development being carried out by the main Westminster political parties ahead of the 2015 General Election.

It provides a ‘snap shot’ of where the Liberal Democrats have got to, focusing on issues which directly affect local government.

So far they have addressed a number of policy agendas of direct concern to local government including decentralisation, housing, transport, education, social cohesion and local economic development.

A number of significant polices have been agreed including using proportionate representation at local elections, returning school accountability to councils, lifting borrowing restrictions from councils to build new homes, and the introduction of a ‘Mansion Tax’ for homes valued at over £2 million.

Going forward, the Liberal Democrats will be addressing at their autumn conference in October policy on: public service reform (including schools, transport and health) and the ageing society (including health and social care and housing) as well as crime and criminal justice and equalities.

The same conference will also debate a ‘pre-manifesto’ document setting out a dozen or so policies that will be central to the election campaign.

This briefing will be of interest to executive members, cabinet portfolio members and senior officers in all tiers of local government.

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