Exploring ideas and solutions for the future of local government



  • In this briefing, LGiU Australia lead Luke Nicholls, explores content from across LGiU’s international platform that engages with ‘big issues’ for the future of local government.  It identifies valuable ideas around how local councils can generate both momentum and support to address fundamental challenges and develop a set of solutions to benefit local communities for the next decade.
  • Exploring the big issues for the future of local government is an important next step in the maturing of LGiU Australia. This will involve establishing research collaborations to create the next generation of ideas and potential solutions to facilitate Australian local council’s success and impact over the next decade.
  • In drawing together this content from LGiU Global, this briefing links to the bundle of material in the LGiU ‘Unfinished Business’ series, as well as the ‘Future of Local Government Project’ and a selection of material from England & Wales, Ireland and Scotland as well as Australia on the financial sustainability of local government and impacts of Covid-19. Examples of recent big picture briefings from the Australian platform are also be provided.
  • All material is open access, allowing both our members and others interested in the future of local government to engage with the content. To help inform this work, we’re keen to hear what local governments and those who support the sector think are the most critical issues for local government over the next decade, via this short survey.

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