This briefing reviews emerging models for leadership and governance of local economic growth and development (LED).

* A number of issues for Local Authorities’ (LA) economic leadership are raised by recent LED developments. Notable among these are Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) formulation of strategic economic plans (SEPs) and EU structural and investment fund strategies (SIFs); and the inception of four new Combined Authorities (CAs) for northern ‘city regions’ (Leeds, Liverpool, North East, and Sheffield).

* The briefing describes the CA ‘model(s)’, and the current government consultation on its evolution. It also considers alternatives to CAs that LAs, LEPs and other partners are seeking to pursue.

* It outlines a number of questions and issues that LAs may wish to address in determining how LED leadership and governance should develop in its area. This is relevant to LA involvement in influencing the 2015 general election campaign, and the priorities of the incoming 2015-20 government.

* Members and officers in all tiers of council involved in economic growth and with their LEPs, together with those responsible for broader governance reforms will find the briefing of particular relevance.

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