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Cities economic growth, enhanced devolution, and relationships with London



Both the economic data and the national policy context makes an understanding of ‘cities’ in general, and London in particular, crucial for local authorities and partners involved in promoting economic growth and development.

This briefing reviews a number of recent developments which either reveal new insights into the data (e.g. the annual Cities Outlook publication by Centre for Cities) or into the potential future policy context (e.g. the RSA Cities Growth Commission).

Whilst not intended to be a comprehensive audit of all such publications, it is intended to give Members and Policy Officers responsible for economic growth directly and for enabling activity (e.g. skills, transport, planning etc.,) an informed overview of current issues and opportunities.

It is also intended to raise a number of medium term policy issues for both major urban areas and rural hinterlands. These are likely to be key considerations in the lobbying and advocacy work for enhanced devolution and decentralisation which is already underway in anticipation of the 2015 general election and a new incoming government.

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