The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published significant further details of the 2011 census on 11th December 2012. This included Key statistics for England and Wales covering age, health, ethnicity, religion, marital status, accommodation, skills etc., supported by 44 data tables; three reports on international migration, religion, and ethnicity and national identity; and a comparison of labour force survey (LFS) and census labour market indicators in England and Wales

These publications stimulated important debates about the changing character of Britain/England – e.g. the impact of increasing migration, the ‘loss’ of religion and particularly Christianity as a majority characteristic in significant areas, differences between London and the rest of the country etc.

In December, ONS also published its revised mid-year estimates for 2002-10 (to reconcile these with the 2011 census), and UK census 2011 which added results from Scotland and Northern Ireland to England and Wales results

Understanding the general analysis of census 2011 is hugely important to all local government policy makers – members and officers – in terms of ongoing debates determining economic and social policy. A fine grain analysis of your local area is similarly crucial for all those involved in local leadership and service developments

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