This briefing is the third in a four-part series exploring opportunities for Local Government to positively influence local productivity and wellbeing by deliberately adopting Anchor approaches.

The first briefing in the series Anchor Approaches: Amplifying the positive impacts of local government provides a comprehensive overview of diverse anchor approaches available to local government. The second briefing in the series, Anchor Approaches: Activity domains for system-level transformation showcases an initiative from Auckland, New Zealand. Since 2012 Auckland City Council has, through The Southern and Western Initiative (TSI), been designing and implementing innovative community-based strategies to support local and system-level transformations to improve the lives of South and West Aucklanders.

This third briefing draws on learnings from The Yunus Centre Griffith University (YCGU) collaboration with Logan City Council (LCC), where individual initiatives have built over time into what is now a common vision with pooled resources, delivering place-based impact investments that are transforming economic opportunities for many in the city.

This current briefing will be of interest to councils motivated to work over the long term with other organisations in their area that have a shared purpose and willingness to combine activities, resources, and assets to improve the wellbeing of their communities.

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