Why diversity and inclusivity are crucial for any organisation

Ivana Radevska, SEO content expert at Shortlister, explains why organisations should consider how they approach diversity and inclusion training and initiatives, especially considering the proven benefits for employers that enact these positive changes in the workplace such as better outcomes and overall public opinion.

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Misinformation comes home

The LGIU’s Ingrid Koehler looks again at her study of local government, trust and misinformation and reflects on recent experiences of misinformation in her own life.

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Global local: talking rubbish and carbon confusion

We talk about waste reduction in Melbourne and cutting through the carbon confusion everywhere and the role of local government. Plus some wombling and Dirty Santa.

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Place-based action: an antidote to the blah blah blah?

As COP26 closes its doors, Alice Creasy, Policy & Partnerships Officer at the LGIU, reflects on her experience of the conference and asks whether place-based action could be an antidote to the ‘blah blah blah’.

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Making the right connections

Over the past fortnight, all eyes have been on Glasgow for COP26. There’s a lot to process from the conference but one issue that stands out is how many different layers of action tackling climate change involves, Jonathan Carr-West, LGIU Chief Executive, elaborates further in this blog.

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