LGiU’s 2018 policy programme

We will be delivering three major local authority-led projects in 2018 that will provide a voice for the sector and move the dial on some of the most urgent issues within local government – homelessness, finance and public trust. We will work with a wide range of council representatives to challenge central government’s record on…

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2018 – a year of opportunity

James Bream, Research and Policy Director at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, looks to 2018 and what it might have in store for enterprise, growth, and young people in Scotland locally, regionally and nationally.

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Six things the social care green paper must address

It’s a New Year and our still sort of new government is still promising to address the social care crisis with a green paper that may be late and – if hope fails to triumph over experience – too little. It’s not hyberbole to say that the social care system is on the brink of…

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Issues for the regions – time to get planning the future of urban and rural Ireland?

Ahead of LGiU Ireland’s coverage on this, our Director, Andy Johnston, explores the issues highlighted by the three regional assemblies in regard to the National Planning Framework. Several LGiU Briefings have covered the on-going development of the National Planning Framework (NPF), noting the importance of the initiative in setting a development agenda  for the future…

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Community Planning in Scotland website now live

Eileen McMillan, Senior Health Improvement Officer at NHS Health Scotland, tells us about the new Community Planning website now live at NHS Health Scotland and the Improvement Service have launched a new web facility to support Community Planning Partners (CPPs) and Health & Social Care Partnerships (H&SCP). The aim is that the new resource will…

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Looking ahead

What can local government expect from 2018? Asks Jonathan Carr-West. The short answer is more uncertainty. In all key areas of government policy that effect local government, 2017 has been a year of drift and there’s little reason to think this will change.

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Dispatch: Six Months as Chief Executive of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Eamonn Boylan, Chief Executive of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, tells us about his first six months in the post, the challenges and the lessons learned.    Six months is a relatively short time in terms of institutions like the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the Mayoralty of Greater Manchester. So to give an…

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Keep up the good work: LGiU Scotland’s User Survey 2017

Nearly 250 of you gave us your thoughts on our work in this year’s user survey. We asked our members what you thought of our services – Daily News, Policy Briefings – as well as how you use our information (and why you value it). We’ll use this feedback to build on what we’ve delivered…

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