How can local government seize the momentum of World Rewilding day?

This year’s World Rewilding Day is all about hope: hope for a restored, healthy world where people and nature flourish alongside one another. In this post, Charlotte Maddix, Advocacy Coordinator, Scottish Rewilding Alliance explores what rewilding might look like for Scottish councils.


Budget 2023 – A revolution in childcare?

The 2023 Budget press release proclaims it to be a ‘revolution in childcare’ with a promise to more than double the State’s financial support for the sector by 2026-28. But what actually is the revolution, and will it succeed? LGIU’s John Fowler and Megan Pacey examine the details.

England & Wales

The changing job of running elections

With less than two months until 4th May polls, electoral administrators at over 200 local authorities across England are heads down, preparing for the election timetable to start counting down, writes Peter Stanyon, Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators.

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Election fever

There has been so much going on in British politics recently it is easy to forget we are already in the countdown for May’s local elections, writes our Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West.

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NILGA 2023 Annual Conference – Responding to future challenges

Local government is front and centre in Northern Ireland like never before. This article shares the key learning and innovation from NILGA’s 2023 conference, including a recap of highlights from the day. It also provides a look at what’s happening in the shifting and uncertain world of local government right now.

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