LGIU – Vuelio local elections bulletin is back for 2023

LGIU is really pleased to be renewing our election-time partnership with Vuelio so that we can once again make sure that LGIU members have the very best news, insight and commentary for the whole of the local elections period in England.

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Local democracy is important for national democracy

As we look ahead to this year’s local elections, it is a good time to reflect on the importance of strong democracy at the local level for the health of democracy in general, writes Dr Andrew Walker LGIU’s Head of Research.

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Northern Ireland 2023 local elections – Part 1: the basics

While this election time in Northern Ireland brings the usual existential messaging from local parties, woeful analysis from those in North London, and speculations of what each election means for the long-standing divisions, this article outlines the key outlook for the upcoming elections and what changes we might see across local government.

Northern Ireland

Understanding empty homes in Scotland

Across Scotland, there is a total of 42,865 long-term empty homes. This article from Andy Moseley, Policy and Projects Manager at the Scottish Empty Homes Partnerships shines a spotlight on the true scale of vacancy in Scotland and how local government can be forefront in tackling this critical issue head-on.


Lessons from Mayo County Council on tackling vacancy and dereliction

Across Europe, local government is at the forefront of addressing the scourge of vacancy and dereliction across town centres and communities. In Ireland, Mayo County Council is tackling the issue head-on and we chatted with Thomas Gilligan, Director of Services at the council to find out just how.

Ireland With case study

All Things Scotland – Find out who ranks top as the best performing council

As always, your weekly All Things Scotland round-up highlights all the key updates and reports along with everything you may have missed – including a new case study on how Scottish local authorities are addressing in-work poverty and an exclusive interview with COSLA Vice President, Steven Heddle.


Voter ID and the question of trust

In this think piece, Dr. Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre asks whether the implementation of voter ID in UK elections will resolve the increasing worry surrounding lost trust in elections and democracy as a whole.

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Fibre force: how councils bring faster broadband to rural areas

This blog details the experiences of four councils to set up Connecting Devon and Somerset, a public body designed to help local areas with slow broadband. We chatted to members of Devon County Council on the challenges they faced in bringing fast broadband to the remote tourist town of Clovelly.

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