LGiU Fortnightly 21st June – Ending homelessness

Homelessness is one of our society’s most intractable issues and one that has been at the top of the political agenda for several years. This week LGiU’s local government-led Homelessness Commission launched its final report. We discuss its recommendations on how to accelerate progress towards ending homelessness. And it would be remiss of us not…

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Designing a world leading recycling system for Scotland

LGiU Scotland’s Isla Whateley attended an event about Scotland’s upcoming deposit return scheme (DRS) that is due to be implemented soon, ran by the Green Alliance. Here she blogs about what she learned.

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The basic laws of political physics

One of the features of contemporary politics is the speed with which things move, writes Jonathan Carr West. In the last few weeks we have seen local elections in which the Conservatives lost over 1,000 seats; European elections in which the largest vote share was won by a party that barely existed when that column…

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Safety first – cycling in the Netherlands

LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows blogs about her cycling trip to the Netherlands recently, and what she saw and learned there.

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LGiU Fortnightly 7th June – Tax and the city

Edinburgh Council’s Leader, Cllr Adam Mcvey, is marching the issue of tourism tax all the way to Holyrood. We speak to him about what he’s learned from the process about developing a solid evidence base and reaching out to less-than-enthusiastic stakeholders. Back in London, LGiU spoke before the CLG Select Committee this week about the…

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Bringing the Global Coworking Movement to Local Communities

Coworking is an up-and-coming phenomenon, but what can it do for local communities? Cleo Goodman, Business Development and Impact at The Melting Pot, writes about the positive impacts it can have.

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Caught between a rock and a cliff-face

Today saw the launch of results from two major investigations into the state of council finances, both of which starkly demonstrate the impossible bind between short and long term pressures.

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