Covid-19: Reclaiming the streets

While global lockdowns and travel bans push people to explore the value of their local outdoor spaces, pressure mounts on pedestrian infrastructure. LGIU’s Alice Creasy explores how citizens and governments are making space for people in urban environments, and reflects on the future of transport in a post-covid world.

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Making it easier for people to access public services securely and to agreed standards

Digital identities are a way for people to access services electronically without the constant need to present and re-present proofs. The Digital Public Services team at the Improvement Service writes about the use of digital identities in the public sector, and what new opportunities they might bring to local authorities.

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Covid-19: Voluntary and community support coordination in Wirral

Individuals, organisations and businesses across Wirral have come together like never before to combat the effects of coronavirus on our community and to protect, support and care for our most vulnerable people. Rachel Howey tells us how they’re doing it.

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Kildare Covid-19 Community Response Forum

Kildare GAA and the Healthy and Safety Executive’s early, collaborative action in response to the crisis helped a pilot online volunteer programme for delivering HSE services grow – now providing the Community Response Framework access to a list of over 350 volunteers that can be filtered against skillset and location.

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An overview of Germany’s response to Covid-19

As the world’s media continues to examine how different nations are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany has been internationally commended for its foresight, vigilance, and well-resourced healthcare system. What’s behind Germany’s success in flattening the curve and, post-crisis, what of its future financially?

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School’s out! … not

Colin Pettigrew from Nottinghamshire County Council on how schools are responding to the need to support children of key workers and the most vulnerable children in society.

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