Celebrating Scotland’s Improvement Districts

Recently, Scotland’s Improvement Districts (SIDs) hosted an event at Holyrood to celebrate the country’s improvement districts. This article provides an overview of the celebrations and shares key learning and updates from the organisation. 

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My Vote My Voice: empowering people with learning disabilities and autistic people vote

The My Vote My Voice campaign is aimed at empowering people with learning disabilities and autistic people to use their vote. While the gathering had an overwhelmingly positive and energetic feel, it highlighted the profound challenges faced by autistic people and people with learning disabilities when it comes to voting.

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Council Tax – happy 30th anniversary or time for a change?

Ahead of the annual setting of council tax rates and in light of the 30th anniversary of the introduction of council tax in the UK, Michael Orton from the University of Warwick discusses the various options for updating the UK’s council tax system while evaluating the pros and cons of each.

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All Things Scotland – Get ready, set, go. First Minister race warms up!

As questions are asked over who the next First Minister will be and what policy they will want to deliver? This week’s edition of All Things Scotland focuses on the financial implications of the recent Budget Bill and other key news, reports and updates for local government.


All Things Ireland – What will March hold for Irish local government?

Proving to be yet another busy week for housing and transport projects, this edition of All Things Ireland brings you all the latest local government news, reports and updates to keep you in the loop with everything happening in the world of Irish local government.