Flying the flags: How Liverpool City Council helped host the Eurovision Song Contest

Liverpool City Council’s Claire McColgan, Director of Culture, and Harry Doyle, Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Culture, discuss Liverpool’s hosting of Eurovision 2023 and the involvement of the city council. It highlights the significance of the Eurovision Song Contest as a major television programme and its impact on local economies.

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Ireland 2040: An island of regions?

In this think piece, LGIU’s Ireland Commissioner, Dr Seán O Riordáin, discusses the current governance of the island of Ireland and delves into considerations around a possible new governance model for the region.

Ireland, Northern Ireland

LGIU members’ voices on finance in the media

When the LGIU’s 2024 State of Local Government Finance in England report was published, the story that it told of the desperate state of council finances and the consequences for public services was covered in-depth across the major news outlets.

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Gender policy: Case studies and resources for local government

Every week, we highlight inspiration and innovation from local government worldwide. In this article, we’re focusing on how we can promote gender equity through local government policy and community action. You’ll find best practice from India, Slovenia, Belgium and the UK along with plenty of practical policy and resources for more insight and guidance on…


Lend your voice to capture the role of councillors in the UK

This article from Dr Thom Oliver, Senior Lecturer in Politics at UWE Bristol, emphasises the vital role of local councillors in the UK, tracing their historical significance and continued importance in addressing challenges. The article explores a collaborative study with academic experts investigating the experiences and perspectives of councillors across different demographics and political affiliations.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 29 February 2024

LGIU’s big story this week is the results of their 2024 State of Local Government Finance survey in England, with Dr Greg Stride from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre joining the podcast to discuss the surprising results and the wider response, as well as playing a game called ‘six degrees of local government’.


Funding street trees: collaborative project to green up neighbourhoods

UK-wide project Trees for Streets is encouraging community-led street planting through a sponsorship scheme. This article highlights the national, local and individual need and want for more tree planting in England and explains how the charity works with local councils and their communities to get the best outcome for all.

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