The foundations of trust and democracy are local

As we launch our local elections support with 10 weeks to go until the local elections, Ingrid Koehler reflects on trust and how local voting is an opportunity to build trust if we take a few simple steps.

England & Wales, Scotland

Resilience at the heart of the community

We chatted with Cllr Euan Jardine, winner of the Resilience and Recovery award at the Scottish Cllr Awards 2021, to discuss the fundamental role of community-level action during the pandemic and what he hopes to accomplish next.

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Libraries: dedication to public service

Karen Fraser, Executive Manager at Shetland’s Library Services, writes about how, in this time of social crisis, libraries are needed more than ever and staff are rising to the challenge.

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Cllr Paul Bell and the courage of his convictions

Winner of the Innovation and Service Transformation award at the Cllr Award 2021 (England and Wales), Cllr Paul Bell, tells us more about his time in local politics and the causes he passionately advocates for at every opportunity.

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Hawaii’s biodiesel production supports circular economy model

The world needs community-based, equitable climate change solutions. Kelly King, Maui County councilmember and co-founder of Pacific Biodiesel, reflects on her experience at COP26 and explores the role of biofuels in supporting a circular economy.

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