Perspectives on the 20-minute neighbourhood – progress around the world

While the concept of the 20-minute neighbourhood has gained traction in recent years, where in the world has taken steps to achieve a practical application? This blog looks at global progress on achieving the model, looking at Melbourne, Paris, Seoul and more.

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Covid-19 community support at Leeds City Council

Hannah Bithell, joint winner of the Covid-19 Hero category at the 2020 LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards and councillor at Leeds City Council tells us more about the work that she has done to help residents during the pandemic.

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Are we just around the corner with 20-minute neighbourhoods?

For many, the long commute to and from the office has been abandoned as Covid-19 has forced us to live, work and shop local. It is predicted this will result in profound and permanent lifestyles changes, accelerating shifts to a 20-minute neighbourhood model. In this blog, the changes and challenges to achieving 20-minute neighbourhoods are…

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Towards creating a strategy for 20-minute neighbourhoods

So you want to implement a 20-minute neighbourhood strategy in your town or city – what next? This blog outlines the key requirements of a 20-minute neighbourhood before covering practical actions councils can take to formulate a strategy and start making changes.

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Will May be a missed chance?

Every elector in England should have a vote in May with the elections scheduled for 2021 and those deferred from 2020. In the midst of a pandemic is this wise, safe or fair? Local government certainly has its doubts.

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A new future for Scotland’s towns

In July 2020, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government set up a group to review the Town Centre Action Plan and to consider how to make our towns and town centres greener, healthier and more inclusive places. Hot off the press, the report of insights from the Towns Centre Action Plan Review Group…

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A budget for uncertain times – local government funding settlement 2021-22

On Thursday 28th January, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes gave the budget statement to Holyrood, suggesting that this budget was the most important since devolution and the formation of a Scottish Parliament over twenty years ago. LGIU Scotland’s Kim Fellows provides an overview in this blog, with detailed analysis to follow next week.

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