Covid-19: What next for the new normal?

How is it that we will begin to emerge from weeks of lockdown? There is no tried and tested method but trust and transparency in how decisions are made and acted upon are key to their success, writes Janet Sillett.

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Weathering the Covid-19 storm together

Lorna Meahan, Depute Chief Executive at Dumfries and Galloway Council writes about the council coming together and staff going above and beyond in adapting to the new reality faced during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Covid-19: Observing Ramadan both safely and spiritually

As we mark the beginning of Ramadan, Muslims and councils working with faith and community groups will be reflecting on how to observe and celebrate holidays during lockdown.

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Covid-19: Truth be told

In quarantine with the internet makes fertile ground for conspiracies, misdirection and information that is just plain wrong. But do we make things worse by angrily confronting the lies?

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National Entitlement Card – Simplifying the Jigsaw

It’s been over 15 years since the National Entitlement Card (NEC) launched in December 2004 as Scotland’s national smartcard. The Digital Public Services team at the Improvement Service reflect on some of the impacts of the scheme, and how they might reduce some of its complexities going forward.

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Covid-19: what about free school education? A personal view

It’s the 75th anniversary of abolition of school fees this month, but what does it mean when perhaps 95% of children and young people are now home learning? And should the additional costs of home learning be met by the state? John Fowler, Policy Manager, LGIU tries to answer these questions.

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Covid-19: Bankrupting local government will not help the country recover

There are worrying reports that Robert Jenrick has told a group of council leaders that local government would have to “share the burden” of coronavirus-related costs. We can only hope that this was a slip of the ministerial tongue, says LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West.

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