Leaving the Committee of the Regions, not Europe

Brexit means that UK local government will have no place on the Committee of the Regions; but, writes Janet Sillett, links to European counterparts remain crucial and the subsidiarity principle must be upheld in a post-Brexit UK.

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Local government listens

LGiU Fortnightly is two years old, it’s time to tell us what you think via our listener survey. We also share some of our favourite local government-related podcasts – that aren’t us, of course.

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Welcome to the twenties

Jonathan Carr-West’s latest column in The Municipal Journal.

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LGiU Fortnightly 24 January: Devo 2.0 and lessons from Australia

Devo is back but what might it look like this time around? Jonathan and Andrew read the tea leaves. And Ingrid spoke with Luke Nicholls from SGS, our partner organisation in Australia, about local government’s role tackling the devastating recent bushfires.

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NHS & Third Sector: Working Together for New Parents

Kirsty Nicholls of Fathers Network Scotland writes on the mental health difficulties of parents and the role of third sector organisations in addressing them, covering some of the support services available to parents in addition to explaining why collaboration between service providers can be vital.

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Getting Brexit done: the end of the beginning

The real Brexit work may be only just starting. And as Janet Sillett writes there is a great deal at stake for local government.

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Shared Lives are winning lives

Lesley Stevenson explains the work of Shared Lives, a cost-effective and highly-personalised alternative to residential care where an adult who needs support is matched with an approved, self-employed carer, and either visits them for day support or short breaks, or moves in with them, sharing family and community life.

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Valencia: flood adaptation and active populations

Ingrid Koehler found Valencia, Spain a cycle friendly city that had turned flooding disaster into cultural, sporting and transport opportunity.

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On COP25: “Caught in the devil’s bargain, we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”

This think piece from LGiU’s Kim Fellows reflects on the progress being made to address climate change, covering on the developments of COP25, the upcoming COP26 meeting in Glasgow, and the actions that local government and individuals are taking to address climate change where those at the international stage are not.

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