Moving closer to a basic income pilot

Following a recent report on the Scottish basic income experiment feasibility study, Cleo Goodman, Director at Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland writes on the assessment and how local authorities can support its implementation.

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Life in a pandemic – a carer’s perspective

During this Carers Week, Dame Philippa Russell writes for us about the impact of Covid-19 on carers and their families and her hope that carers’ voices will be listened to in developing social care policy post-pandemic.

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In Conversation with… John Alexander, Leader of Dundee Council

Kim Fellows speaks from LGIU speaks to John Alexander, Leader of Dundee City Council for the last three years and a councillor in Dundee for five years previously. John Alexander was named Leader of the Year last year at the LGiU Scotland & CCLA Councillor Awards.

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The importance of place-shaping

Patrick Diamond, Associate Professor of Public Policy at Queen Mary, writes on the importance of ‘place’ in local governance and looks at the four key drivers of place as an approach to English policy-making.

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LGIU Fortnightly 9 June: Black Lives Matter and Covid inequalities

It’s becoming clearer that the pandemic isn’t affecting us all equally and neither is justice. The killing of George Floyd has sparked protests across the globe and the toppling of a statue in Bristol. We talk to Bristol’s Mayor Marvin Rees about social justice, democracy and Covid-19 recovery and hear from Swindon leader Cllr David…

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Can e-scooters save us from ‘carmageddon’?

As part of the UK’s ‘green restart of local transport’ e-scooters trials have been brought forward, with many local authorities already in talks with providers. What are some of the regulatory concerns for local government, and what can we learn from other countries’ mistakes?

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A fraud in a Hawaiian shirt?

This week is Carers Week which aims to highlight the challenges faced by unpaid carers across the country. Lockdown has ramped up those challenges and ended what minimal support there was. Carer Steve Palmer writes for us about the situation.

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Covid-19: June Already?

Kim Fellows outlines how Scotland is moving into Phase 1 of exit from lockdown and the partnership approach taken by Scottish government to achieve its goals.

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