High stakes: getting the Covid-19 messaging right

Political tensions have arisen over attempts to manage the second wave, accompanied by – or perhaps resulting from – narratives of blame and punishment. In this blog, Janet Sillett, Head of Briefings at LGIU, makes the case for the importance of messaging.

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Local government in 2021

Every year, at about this time, various media outlets make a stab at predicting how next year will develop. One of the first out and most widely read is The Economist’s ‘World in 2021’, where the editor has identified 10 key themes for the year. How are these predictions relevant to local government?

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Covid Conversations: highlighting partnerships

Over the pandemic, the Carnegie UK Trust collected data on how communities and organisations across the UK adapted and responded, looking at the evolving relationships between communities, the public sector and the VCSE sector.  In this blog, we hear more about the culmination of this work – a brand new report released today.

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And the winner is…

This blog recounts the events of the first-ever virtual LGIU/LGIU Scotland & CCLA Cllr Awards which honoured those councillors who have gone above and beyond to support their communities and residents during an unprecedented year.

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The best crisis response comes from your town hall, not Whitehall

Cllr Adam Swersky, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources at London Borough of Harrow, tells us about the Council’s work during the pandemic and the additional challenges that central government sent their way.

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Regional banks: the missing ingredient in levelling up communities?

The UK banking system is missing a vital component in driving better social, environmental and economic outcomes for local economies: regional mission-led banks. How might the UK also benefit, and what is the role of local government?

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12 steps for digital inclusion

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the scale of digital exclusion in the UK has been exposed beyond previous understanding. In this blog, Georgina Bowyer, Policy and Development Officer at Carnegie UK Trust, talks us through their new report Learning from Lockdown: 12 steps to eliminate digital exclusion, in which a plan of action is laid…

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The Granite City becomes the Green City

When Aberdeen City Council was named Local Authority of the Year at the MJ Achievement Awards 2020, judges noted “a pioneering capital programme and significant investments in the social and cultural future of its communities”. In this blog Co-leaders Douglas Lumsden and Jenny Laing share their work, emphasising sustainability initiatives.

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And then there were two…

This week, Croydon became the second council to issue a s114 notice in the last few years. As we’ve seen in other areas of institutional life, the “one bad apple” theory seldom holds up. Instead, Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGIU argues, the problem is systemic.

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