Post-Covid Councils: building a sustainable future

Kim Fellows, LGIU’s commissioning editor in Scotland, introduces pillar two of our Post-Covid Councils framework, looking at how we build a sustainable future for all.

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Community wealth building in North Ayrshire

Earlier this year, North Ayrshire Council launched its Community Wealth Building Strategy, becoming the first Council in Scotland to adopt this bold and radical economic approach. Councillor Joe Cullinane, Leader of North Ayrshire Council, tells us how it works and how he hopes it can make a difference to communities.

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Words from a Gen-Z

Ella Henry should have sat her A levels this year and enjoyed a long summer with her friends before university, but then the world changed. She writes for us about the impact of the pandemic on her and other young people.

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In the firing line

Long after the GDP and the overall unemployment rate have returned to ‘normal’, young people will be feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and subsequent recession. LGIU Associate Mark Upton looks at what should be done to shield them from the worst of what is to come.

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Are we ready for ‘Super Saturday’?

The latest announcements on the easing of lockdown restrictions will bring both relief and some anxiety, writes Janet Sillett.

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Scotland – A careful and managed move into phase 2

Kim Fellows outlines Scotland’s second phase of exiting lockdown following the First Minister’s announcements last week. This blog has been updated to reflect recent announcements.

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Cities with a future?

Davin Minton, Director of NWRA, sets out a roadmap for transforming Ireland’s Northern & Western regions.

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Permission to shop – how’s it going?

Janet Sillett, Head of Briefings LGIU, writes on the critical role of local government in managing the response to Covid-19 as lockdown measures are relaxed further, and asks whether councils have been given the powers and finance to fulfil that role effectively.

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