Election lessons from the Philippines?

Last Thursday local and national elections took place on the same day in the UK. Today the same thing is happening in The Philippines. You’d be hard-pressed to figure out which one is the developing nation, however. In the UK voters did their democratic duty in wooden booths with a pencil and paper and got…

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Local council elections 2010: Results in (more or less) full

Results as they stand from the BBC. Late results seem to be conforming to yesterday’s pattern. Labour have continued to make gains at the expense of the Conservatives (Ealing, Harrow) and the Lib Dems (Southwark, Brent). Ten councils have switched from NOC to Labour (including Southwark and Brent). In the battle between the Lib Dems…

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Voting for change?

‘Voting for change’ has been a key theme of this election with all the political parties attempting to make it central to their message. Today the main story is the unusual and potentially historic election result that just might presage electoral reform and radical change in the way we do national politics. But did people…

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Local council elections 2010: The story so far

As Andy has said, the big winner in the local election has been Labour at the expense of both the Conservatives and Lib Dems. The key Labour gains have been Enfield from the Conservatives and Liverpool from the Lib Dems. But it’s the Conservatives who’ll be most disappointed (although local government remains resolutely blue). There’s…

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Local council elections 2010: Hope for the Lib Dems?

The Liberal Democrats are doing badly in contests with Labour. However, they seem to be doing a bit better in contests with the Conservatives. Milton Keynes has stayed in NOC but the Lib Dems have gained 3 seats from the Conservatives. They’ve also hung onto power in Sutton – defying an anticipated Conservative surge.

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Local council elections 2010: Bad day for the BNP

The BNP’s march to greater political power has, at times, taken on an air of inevitability. But now they seem to be in retreat. Last night party leader Nick Griffin slumped to third place in Barking and Dagenham. His local lieutenants are faring little better. The BNP councillor in Leeds has lost his seat and…

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Local council elections 2010: Will poorer than expected national showing by the Lib Dems translate into local elections?

The story of the night has been the last-minute collapse in Lib Dem support (although the party still received a greater share of the national vote than in 2005). Early results suggest that this may be reflected in local elections. The Haringey Independent reports that Haringey voters have returned Labour with an increased majority –…

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