Stories of Oxford lockdown

In March, a social action charity in Oxford City set up Oxford Together, a community response volunteering programme, and Oxford City Council joined these grassroots efforts. Storytelling was used as an evaluation methodology, and remarkable stories emerged – the key learning themes of which are highlighted here.

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In Conversation with… Josie Saunders, Head of Corporate Affairs, Scottish Canals

LGIU Scotland’s Kim Fellows is in conversation with Josie Saunders from Scottish Canals to talk about recent research by Glasgow Caledonian University which, in a global first, shows the extent of the positive impact canal investment has on the local community around it.

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Lockdown resistance and the role of mayors

Problems implementing the new Covid restrictions are of the Government’s own making. Mayors and local leaders are articulating alternatives that show we can reassess our centralised approach to power and governance

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Think big, think local: four efforts to renew local democracy

Joe Mitchell is a long-time friend of LGIU’s through several years of work on the local elections in his former role at Democracy Club. Joe is now freelance and still working on democratic renewal. We asked him to summarise some of his latest thoughts for Local Democracy Week alongside our long read on keeping elections…

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Central-local government relations are becoming the principal site of conflict in the politics of the pandemic

In the latest of our Post-Covid Councils framework, this time looking at the location of power, Joseph Ward, Doctoral Researcher in POLSIS at the University of Birmingham, outlines how dealing with Covid-19 and the implementation of local lockdowns has shifted power in the central-local government relationship and how local and regional governments might intervene on…

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Three tier system: deja vu or a new dawn?

Janet Sillett breaks down the new three tier Covid-19 alert system after the Prime Minister’s recent announcement and the consequent implications for local governments.

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Raising new monuments: London’s first Black mayor John Archer

As we open Black History month, Leader of Wandsworth Council Ravi Govindia writes about the launch of a new campaign by the council and the community to raise a monument to John Archer, the first black mayor in London.

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Local government driving social mobility

Alexandra Sufit from the Social Mobility Commission is calling on local government to share our stories of supporting opportunity and social mobility through employment and work with partners.

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