Local Government Finance in Germany – different but equally challenged

This article explores how the recent work of LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre on the finance system in England and Germany, highlights the clear differences in structure, responsibility and self-financing capacity when compared to the system in Ireland, and points to challenges which will have a resonance with Irish Elected Members and Officials.


All things Ireland: key local government resources for summer

Just because July was a washout doesn’t mean LGIU Ireland took its eye off the ball (GAA final pun intended)! Our monthly round-up recaps all policy briefings, articles, events and research that you might have missed over the last four weeks.


The problems caused by the Local Housing Allowance freeze

This article covers how the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) freeze has caused severe problems for nearly 2 million private rented sector tenants and the concerning research about what this means for residents across the UK and poverty levels.  

England & Wales, Scotland

Dublin City Council implements active travel network across the city

Dublin City Council aims to transform the way people walk, wheel and cycle in the capital. This LGIU article from Dublin City Council provides a background to the development and planning of Active Travel in Ireland’s capital.

Ireland, Northern Ireland With case study

Glasgow City Council – towards the nurturing city

Nurture is foundational for children’s learning and well-being in Glasgow Education Services. To find out more about the background and development of Glasgow’s travel towards the nurturing city, this article from Glasgow City Council provides crucial insights.

Scotland With case study