How can councils improve their carbon footprint?

Given the government’s important commitment to net zero by 2050, a clear challenge has been set for local authorities (and many others) to improve their carbon footprint, writes Mike Giles of the ECA.

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AILG Conference 2020: Solving Global Challenges through Local Leadership

The Association of Irish Local Government held their annual conference in March, hosting councillors from across Ireland for a packed programme covering key issues facing the sector. This year, focus was on climate action, and the first annual Women’s Network meeting was held. LGIU’s Jennifer Glover attended the event and brings you the highlights.

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Coordinating volunteers against the corona virus

The call for volunteers has been made, but what role do councils play in coordinating them? A call for practice examples.

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‘Stay away’: a global message from rural communities

LGIU’s Alice Creasy writes on the phenomenon of city-dwellers ‘escaping’ the novel coronavirus by heading in droves to the countryside – provoking anger from rural communities who are already struggling with the outbreak.

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Home Sweet Home Working

Thousands of local government staff are working from home, but can you achieve the same results in splendid isolation? Neil Merrick, a freelance writer and LGIU associate, takes a light-hearted look at making the home your office.

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Preventing homelessness during the crisis

The homeless are particularly at risk. Andrew Walker found out what Southwark is doing during the crisis and urges government action to ease the strain.

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LGIU Fortnightly: Covid-19, councillors and community

We talk to new-ish councillor Steve Bridger who’s helping to build community support during the pandemic and another councillor Robert Lamb who is carrying on an extra year following the postponement of the local elections. We hear from Ruthe Isden of Age UK about what we can do to  help the most vulnerable. Our Chief…

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