Summer reading inspiration from our Chief Exec

As a parting gift before leaving for holiday, LGIU’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West shares the list of books he is aspiring to read this summer, if he can find the time – and ideally, a hammock underneath an olive grove too!

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Happy birthday to Global Local! A year since we launched

The Global Local podcast has returned to celebrate the first birthday of Global Local in both its newsletter and podcast form. Host Ingrid Koehler and LGIU’s Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West come together to chat about this exciting milestone along with all the big plans that are in store for Global Local’s future.

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All politics is local

Central government is barely functioning but, writes Jonathan Carr-West, while Westminster burns local government will of course keep the country running and carry on delivering the services that their communities need and rely on. It was ever thus.

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The Summer Reading Challenge – let’s get more children reading this summer

The Summer Reading Challenge is a free annual scheme encouraging primary school children to read at least six books from their local library over the summer months. It’s a vital motivator for children to keep reading when schools are shut – find out more about the scheme here.

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How Local Government Can Save The World: Jonathan Carr-West’s ALGA Keynote

LGiU’s CEO Jonathan Carr-West gives a keynote address at the 2022 ALGA conference on how only local government can rebuild trust in democracy and meet the public policy challenges of the 21st century – but we need a global learning  network to do so

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