Covid-19: Ten things councils could consider in recovery

Richard Kerley, Professor of Management at Queen Margaret University, writes on the importance of judging governance of this crisis by actions and outcomes, looking at specifics rather than rhetoric. He also outlines 10 ideas for councils to consider for recovery.

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Covid-19: Lessons for Public Services

Professor James Mitchell writes on how Scotland and England together can evaluate the changes that need to be made regarding public services in the light of the Covid-19 crisis.

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Covid-19: Easing the lockdown in France

France has started to ease its lockdown. Andrew Crompton writes about living through the ‘confinement’ in France as he looks across to the UK.

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Covid-19: Regional Economic Analysis

John Daly, an economist with the 3 Regional Assemblies in Ireland, writes on the profound impact of Covid-19 on Ireland’s economy, pointing to data from a new report that looks at Ireland’s economic exposure and resilience at the local, regional and national level.

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Social Care: a case of an underlying health condition

Social care has been in a state of perpetual crisis for decades, writes Janet Sillett. After years of neglect, is it any wonder care homes and home care were invisible as the Covid-19 pandemic evolved?

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