Innovation in action: Wallyford Learning Campus

This article explores East Lothian Council’s Wallyford Learning Campus – a modern multi-purpose community space balancing state-of-the-art facilities with inspiration from the area’s natural environment. This case study unpacks the design, funding, features and community reception of the project, providing guidance for future developments by other councils.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 11 April 2024

In this new episode, co-hosts Simone and Freya discuss all things local elections and why they are so important. Dr Andrew Walker joins them to chat about the release of LGIU’s highly anticipated Ones to Watch guide for elections in England, which highlights some of the biggest battlegrounds to watch out for.


Bridging the digital divide: Wicklow County Council’s One-to-One Digital project

This article unpacks Wicklow County Council’s award-winning One-to-One Digital project, which addresses digital literacy challenges by pairing adult learners with trained student tutors. The program’s success in fostering digital skills and community connection underscores its potential for replication in other councils.


Where are this year’s local elections happening in England?

In the biggest year of elections on record, local elections in England have been labelled as ‘quiet’ – which seems quite contradictory because every single eligible person in the country has the opportunity to vote on May 2nd. Find out more here.

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What is a Combined Authority?

Local government structure in England is a bit like an onion, with many layers, one of which is the combined authority. Want to know what a combined authority does and how many there are? Find out the answers.

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What is the London Assembly?

Operating since 2000, but what does the London Assembly do? And what authority does it hold? Find out here as part of LGIU’s resources and support for local elections.

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