Local elections 2013: when are the counts taking place?

Unlike previous years, the majority of election counts will be taking place on Friday morning, rather than at close of polls this evening. Here is a run down of when we expect the counts to start. In most cases, results will be announced immediately following the count.   Counts starting 10pm Thursday Dorset Essex Gloucestershire…

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2013 local elections & the five key questions

There’s just a week to go until the 2013 local elections. May 2nd 2013 will see elections in all the county councils, plus seven unitary authorities and one Welsh unitary authority.   Interest in local elections tends to see them as a weather vane for future general election. They do fulfil that function to some…

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What will the Queen have to say on 8th May?

Ahead of the Queen’s Speech on 8th May the LGIU has provided its members with a detailed briefing speculating on the measures which might form part of the government’s legislative programme for the 2013-13 Parliamentary session. Mark Upton provides a few highlights.

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The Big Lunch: Feeding Community Spirit

Since 2009, LGiU has been analysing the social impact of The Big Lunch. We wanted to understand where Lunches took place, who participated and the difference that this made in communities. What we discovered was profound. Through the simple act of sharing lunch with neighbours, The Big Lunch strengthens communities and builds social capital. The Big…

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Local pubs and community value

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)’s Claire Cain explains why they want more pubs to be listed as Assets of Community Value.

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Local elections 2013 – LGiU Coverage

Our live blog is now running – view all the latest local election updates here.   On Thursday 2nd May, local elections will occur in 27 county councils and six unitary councils in England and one Welsh council. There will also be two mayoral elections in Doncaster and North Tyneside. LGiU will be providing live…

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Real Recycling is Locally led

  Many of us are clear on the environmental and economic benefits of recycling.  It conserves natural resources, frees up landfill space, preserves energy, reduces pollution, saves money, and creates jobs.  The list could go on. Until recently however, local authorities, who are responsible for waste collection and disposal and have a key role to…

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