Helping local authorities to tackle homelessness through data and evidence

Following the success of the pilot, the What Works Community launches officially today; a programme helping local authorities improve their use of evidence and data to achieve results in tackling homelessness. Dr Ligia Teixeira, Chief Executive of the Centre for Homelessness Impact, tells us about their work so far – and how your council can…

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We cannot further delay decisions on elections

We must have clarity now on the elections scheduled for May 2021. We have already missed opportunities to fund and prepare for covid-safe elections. Dithering damages democracy.

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Embracing winter – learning from international experience part II

In the sequel to her previous blog on planning for outdoor socialisation in winter, Dr Alina Congreve focuses in on work by Canadian local government – in particular their production of winter design guidelines.

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Unmasking a looming litter emergency

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s latest research on littering not only spells out the horrifying facts, but recommends a bold, revised approach to safeguarding and improving the beauty and cleanliness of Scotland’s local environments. Barry Fisher,  CEO, tells us more about the issue – and their eight-point cross-sector agenda for change.

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Are LGAs in Germany and the Netherlands making a difference?

Dr. Dennis De Widt, Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance at Cardiff Business School, examines how local government associations in Germany and the Netherlands operate in different institutional contexts to local government associations in England and how this affects the way local government interests are represented and protected by central government in the different countries.

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In your twenties, lonely, and lost? Me too

LGIU Associate Amanda Jones reflects on her personal experience of loneliness as a person in their twenties during the pandemic and outlines how employers can ensure their employees are supported and how individuals can best maintain their own wellbeing during this time. 

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Cork City Council’s Climate Action Committee

As part of this year’s LGIU Councillor Awards, Cork City Council’s elected members have been acknowledged as part of an international showcase for establishing and leading the ‘Climate Action Committee’ and facilitating the council’s overall strategy to target climate change. Here’s how they did it.

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2021 school examinations and fairness

In a personal view, LGIU Associate Andrew Crompton asks about the 2021 school examinations, the unfairness to young people who have lost education this school year due to the continuing spread of Covid-19 and the need to send pupils home to self-isolate to reduce the spread of the virus. What lead will the UK government…

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