UPDATE: Local council elections 2010: What will higher turnout mean for local elections?

Early results seem to be conforming to Andy’s expectation of local council gains for Labour. The BBC reports that Enfield has been confirmed as a Labour gain from the Conservatives and Coventry and Doncaster as Labour gains from no overall control. Andy called Coventry for Labour in his blog on councils most likely to change…

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Local council elections 2010: What will higher turnout mean?

Holding local and national polls on the same day will mean that millions of people who otherwise would not vote in council polls will do so. This is generally assumed to favour Labour whose core supporters are less likely to turn out and vote than those of either the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats. Andy…

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Brown, Cameron and Clegg have all betrayed Gillian Duffy

Gordon Brown blundered when he said one thing to Gillian Duffy’s face and something else in private. She understandably felt betrayed. It’s nothing, however, compared to how betrayed she and millions of other pensioners will feel in the coming months by whichever leader wins. All the main parties have been talking in public about investment…

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Our politicians need to get real and follow the example of local government

The start of the campaign was characterised by one “C” word – cuts. For a couple of weeks Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg all talked tough on public spending reductions. The Government delivered a tough-ish PBR, David Cameron promised “swingeing cuts” and Nick Clegg promised to do for Trident. This “C” word, however,…

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We’ll all pay for this

“Some general elections mark the end not only of governments but of historical eras too. The one in 1945 signified the end of pre-war social atomisation. The election of 1979 marked the demise of the post war economic settlement. The election called by Gordon Brown also coincides with the end of an era: the era…

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Liberal Democrat manifesto: local government key points

This is a quick at a glance summary on the key points in the manifesto of particular interest to local government 1. Make local government more accountable and responsive to local people by introducing fair votes for local elections in England. (NB: By ‘fair votes’ the Lib Dems mean proportional representation) 2. Reform local taxation.…

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Conservative manifesto: local government key points

The Conservative Party General Election manifesto is published today.  This is an at a glance guide on the key points for local government and local public services.  “We believe that if you decentralise power, you get better results and better value for money. So the plans set out in this manifesto represent an unprecedented redistribution…

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Confusion at LGIU towers following the release of the Labour manifesto yesterday. Not about whether the manifesto represents a “bold, persuasive manifesto” or a mixture of “old-fashioned statism with eleventh-hour Blairism“. But about what some of it actually meant. What, for instance, does “valuing nature for everyone” mean? Does that mean Ed Miliband will be…

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Labour manifesto: local government key points

The Labour manifesto key points for local government: Total Place to be basis of ‘radical change to local public services’ with prevention and early intervention emphasis Commitment to reduce ring fencing and targets New powers for social and affordable housing, climate change, and connected to the proposed National Care Service City regions to be promoted,…

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