LGIU and Vuelio 2023 Election Bulletins

LGIU has partnered with Vuelio to provide you with weekly updates for six weeks throughout the election period. Each bulletin will be added to this page on publication.

England & Wales

Building Democratic Consent for Net Zero

This article introduces an upcoming research paper which explores some of the challenges that councils face in maintaining public support for and understanding of net-zero in midst of the rising cost of living, fuel prices and other challenges to public services.

England & Wales, Scotland

All Things Ireland – Case studies lessons from Clare and Mayo County Councils

At LGIU, our focus in Ireland this week has been on delivering tangible case study lessons – such as building up rural communities in Clare and tackling vacancy and dereliction in Mayo. In addition, this week’s All Things Ireland looks at new changes to the policy of project management, as well as new funding calls…


All Things Scotland – New COSLA Chief Executive and Green Day comes to Aberdeen

Check out your weekly summary of all key developments across Scottish local government. This week, Green Day came to Aberdeen (well… sort of), the UK Government launched its new net-zero strategy called ‘Green Day‘ on March 30th. Keep reading to find out what else has been happening this week…


Who runs the councils in No Overall Control?

English local elections were held on the 4 May 2023.  There are now 91 councils across England in “No Overall Control”.  We take a look at what this means in practice. 

England & Wales, Northern Ireland Blog Post

LGIU – Vuelio local elections bulletin is back for 2023

LGIU is really pleased to be renewing our election-time partnership with Vuelio so that we can once again make sure that LGIU members have the very best news, insight and commentary for the whole of the local elections period in England.

England & Wales

Local democracy is important for national democracy

As we look ahead to this year’s local elections, it is a good time to reflect on the importance of strong democracy at the local level for the health of democracy in general, writes Dr Andrew Walker LGIU’s Head of Research.

England & Wales

Northern Ireland 2023 local elections – Part 1: the basics

While this election time in Northern Ireland brings the usual existential messaging from local parties, woeful analysis from those in North London, and speculations of what each election means for the long-standing divisions, this article outlines the key outlook for the upcoming elections and what changes we might see across local government.

Northern Ireland