The Holiday, Activity and Food programme in action across Wyre

This interview with Carol Southern from Wyre Borough Council highlights their successful Holiday Activity and Food programme. We get into the finer details around how Wyre operates the clubs, builds important partnerships and utilises the reach to positively impact the children and families most in need of support.

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Public health 101: the FAQ

This explainer highlights the importance of UK public health services in tackling deep-seated health inequalities. In a Q&A style, it outlines the level of spending and pressures public health services have been under and how councils can manage and promote public health initiatives.

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Don’t forget, local government is central to everything

In this article, Dr Helen Paterson, Chief Executive of Northumberland County Council, emphasises how critical local government is to effective placemaking, and an important partner that national government should not overlook.

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Housing is key to tackling poverty in the travelling community

LGIU associate Jill Morgan discusses the connection between poverty and traveller communities. She argues that local government has a truly critical role to play in alleviating the issue – and this begins with a serious revamp of the current approach to accommodation for Travelling communities.

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South Tyneside’s cost of living intervention

From Covid-19 to the rising cost of living, local government have been frontline dealing with back-to-back crises. In this article, South Tyneside Council’s Leader, Tracey Dixon, outlines the intervention methods their council and partners are taking to try and help ease the financial struggles facing the most vulnerable in their community.

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The South Tyneside Pledge: the power of many

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council, shares the details of South Tyneside’s Pledge, a new community wealth building project which, at just 18 months old, has already boosted the borough’s economy by £3m. How have they done it? This article takes a look.

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The good, bad and ugly of site provisions for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people

This Q&A with Barry Winchester from the UK charity Friends, Families and Travellers discusses their latest report reviewing the available site provisions for the needs of Gypsy and Traveller people. It is a must-read, as the findings have significant implications and lessons for local government.

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Is it time for the UK government to fix the broken funding system?

In this think piece, Cllr Ray Morgon, Leader of London Borough of Havering, asks if it’s time to change the local government funding system across England in light of mounting pressure on the sector. He remarks that his own well-run council is now sounding the alarm bells during these testing times and offers some suggested…

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A blooming international success for Ennis

While any local authority aims for the highly-coveted Tidy Towns Award, this article looks at how Clare County Council’s capital town of Ennis recently achieved international success in the 2023 Communities in Bloom awards ceremony in Canada.