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In his latest column, LGIU’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West, discusses the uncertain financial outlook for local government in England as the country faces a period of economic recovery while also trialling out the increasingly popular ChatGPT AI tool.

Why the new National Planning Framework can deliver Scotland’s environmental ambitions

As the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4) comes into play this week, Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of the Green Action Trust writes about the importance of embedding the climate and nature emergencies across planning policy and placing a stronger emphasis than ever before on the tangible actions that can address these twin crises.

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Driving a circular economy approach to soft plastic recycling

Collecting and diverting materials from landfills is one thing but creating a circular economy for recyclable materials is another. While countries across the world operate various structures to incentivise the return of recyclable goods, this blog explores Bendigo’s plan to incentivise a circular economy for recyclable goods. 

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A strategic partnership between the Gaelic Athletic Association and local government – The GAA Green Club Programme

Translating the urgency for climate action into local communities is not always straightforward. This article by Kildare County Council’s Senior Executive Officer, Alan Dunney, highlights how a partnership between Irish local authorities and Ireland’s largest sporting organisation has been driving forward a programme of climate action activities across every town and village in Ireland.

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A council planned night out? You’re having a laugh.

Dave Lewis from Exeter City Council talks to us about their comedy night and how it’s brought not just laughs but contributed to the culture, heritage and economy of the city.

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All things England: it’s tough all over

Finance, levelling up, migration, housing, health and the environment: It’s a challenging stage for English local government. LGIU has news, views and resources to help you through it.

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My research reveals serious concerns among those who run elections

Greg Stride has recently joined the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre. He outlines his doctoral research programme on election administration and integrity, highlighting some key pain points in the UK and his aspirations to support local democracy worldwide.

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