A vision of town centre living from Argyll and Bute Council

Ahead of our upcoming article on Paisley 2030 and town centre regeneration in Scotland, we hear from Fergus Murray, Head of Development and Economic Growth at Argyll & Bute Council on how local government can, and should, embrace town centre living.


The impact of Voter ID: FAQs

Voter ID was required in the May 2023 local elections for the first time. And everyone has questions about it – of course. Dr Greg Stride answers some of the big ones for us.

England & Wales, Scotland

Local elections 2023: results and analysis

Once again LGIU will be watching the returns and bringing you results and analysis for the 2023 local elections in England. All eyes here for winners, losers and what it means for local government.

New councillor? LGIU is here for you

Whether you’re a brand new councillor or an old hand, LGIU is here to support you to deliver for your local residents. LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West explains how new councillors can start benefitting from LGIU now.

England & Wales, Scotland Blog Post

LGIU and Vuelio 2023 Elections Bulletin – 4 May

Once again we are teaming up with Vuelio to bring you our weekly elections bulletin. We’ll be looking at all the news and key developments – putting the spotlight firmly on the local nature of these all important elections.

England & Wales

Compulsory Councillor candidate training: Insights from Victoria

With local government elections in Victoria, Australia, set for October 2024, we spoke with Local Government Victoria to find out more about compulsory pre-candidate training, and the benefits for the local government sector.

Australia With case study

Municipal experiences of water conservation in Spain

Water conservation is a critical issue for life and for sustainable development. In recent years, Spain has become one of the most water-stressed industrialized countries in the world. The municipal experiences of water conservation in Spain may offer valuable insights for local government experts interested in comparative cases of water usage and conservation.