Road Safety Trust: 2020 grant programme

The Road Safety Trust have launched their 2020 grant programme and organisations including local authorities can bid for money for their projects. CEO Sally Lines outlines the theme for the 2020 programme.

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Welcome to the family LGiU Australia: why localism and globalism can and must go together

We’ve just launched LGiU Australia – a new membership body for Australian local authorities to help councils stay informed and support the development of world-leading policy. CEO Jonathan Carr-West takes us through one of our core values – a belief that localism and globalism can and must go together.

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Connections, challenges and contradictions: the new policy agenda

Increasingly the big issues are interrelated, writes Janet Sillett. The challenges councils face on finance, inequalities between regions, places and individuals, Brexit, and the pressures on services are all linked.

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Are dead men dominating policy making?

James Mitchell, Professor of Public Policy at Edinburgh University, writes on the difficulties of creating effective policy for current times in the face of historical policies and spending commitments, where the unpopularity of reversing decisions creates inertia in policy making.

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CoCare: Monitoring the little things that make the big differences

LGiU is piloting our home care app CoCare in Southwark. We’ve been learning how capturing the small things is making a huge difference to care outcomes and shifts the value of care from time and task to the skill and compassion of care workers.

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LGiU Fortnightly 21 February: Getting your story straight in local government

In this week’s closer look, we see how local government can get its story straight through better media management. We speak with Robin Latchem and Sophie Willett about the decline in local coverage, what the BBC is trying to do turn that around and how we can get important messages out to our local communities.…

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Collaborating for innovation in smart cities

In a post-Brexit reality, an importance is being placed on finding new ways of collaboration between the UK and Ireland. Hannah Muirhead, International Partnerships Officer at LGiU, went to Limerick to attend Joining the Dots – an event organised in partnership with Connecting Places Catapult, the British Embassy in Dublin and Limerick City and County…

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Every One Every Day in Barking and Dagenham

Nina Timmers of Participatory City tells about the exciting and hands-on community building in Barking and Dagenham. There’s a new event for councillors and others across the country to learn and share about their communities and building social infrastructure.

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LGiU Fortnightly 7 February 2020: Levelling up in local government?

Andrew and Ingrid take a closer look at our recent work on local government finance, devolution and our latest Brexit bundle as well as a quick peruse of our Daily News from Ireland, Scotland and England. We also hear from Associate Professor of Politics, Patrick Diamond, and his views on what levelling up could mean…

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