Global Local: call for examples and case studies, June 2023

Our Global Local bulletin highlights local solutions to global challenges, with a different theme each week offering critical insights, policy suggestions and case studies. We love hearing what our subscribers are up to, and the successes and challenges they’ve experienced in policy or projects. As such, we’re looking for your insights on our upcoming editions.

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Why loving local is key to tackling climate emergency and cost of living crisis

Scotland Loves Local started as a campaign born out of the Covid-19 pandemic and has now evolved into a community-wide mission to drive long-term sustainable change. In this article, Kimberley Guthrie, Chief Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership Interim tells us all about the big plans on the horizon.


A new deal to empower local communities – coming soon?

Scotland’s leading academic working in public policy and governance, Professor James Mitchell, shares insights on what SNP’s recent leadership election and new FM means for current discussions on a New Deal between Councils and Scottish Government.


Reflecting on 50 years of community councils in Scotland

In light of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee session on the 50th anniversary of community councils, this article from the Improvement Service looks at recent developments in Scotland’s first tier of local government.

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