Zero Waste Scotland: join our litter prevention campaign

As Scotland takes another step back to normality, with restrictions easing and people able to get back out to enjoy our beautiful green spaces and countryside, from woodlands to city parks and beaches to mountains, Zero Waste Scotland is calling on the waste and resources sector to back its award-winning campaign Scotland is Stunning –…

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Participatory democracy and the role of elected members

Over the last decade, the mechanisms for how citizens can participate more fully in decision making have been strengthened, but what does ‘participatory democracy’ represent for elected members? A panel – including a former president of COSLA, an MSP, and a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh – discuss the issue.

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New Scottish Land Commission hub to inspire people to think differently about land

Posy MacRae, Head of Communications at the Scottish Land Commission, fills us in on the recently-launched ‘#MyLandScotland’ campaign, which explores the ways land impacts individuals and informs people on ways to benefit from and get involved in influencing what happens to the land around them.

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Special needs need special measures

The Government is expected to publish this month a Green Paper setting out its conclusions from the long-awaited review of special educational needs in schools and colleges in England. LGIU Associate Mark Upton provides us with a preview.

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Angus Food Growing Strategy

The Angus Food Growing Strategy is five-year plan designed to encourage and deliver local community food growing. In this blog, Rhonda McFarlane from Angus Council outlines how the programme will work and the benefits to the community it is set to achieve.

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Primer time for new councillors

Our new series of primers should help recently elected councillors understand more about key council services, writes Janet Sillett.

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Supporting recovery for early education and childcare providers

Local authorities must take seriously the pending crisis facing early childhood education and care (ECEC). There may soon be insufficient early childhood education and care places available to meet parental demand. Across publicly funded maintained settings and the private, voluntary and independent (PVI) settings, we are fast reaching a tipping point.

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Going digital to save lives

Pauline Waddell, Team Manager, Mobile Emergency Care Service (MECS) explains how Falkirk Council safeguarded a lifesaving service and became the first local authority in Scotland to enable end-to-end digital telecare.

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Leading from the front line: supporting local government to deliver net zero

Local government has a crucial role to play in the delivery of a sustainable future. The Improvement Service recently recruited a new position to lead on climate change by engaging the local government community and building new partnerships and collaborations. Judi Kilgallon gives her initial reflections on the drive for action and how the Improvement Service…

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