Urban flooding – a view from Scotland

Urban flooding is a pressing challenge for local authorities across the world. Kirsty MacRae from the Scottish Flood Forum writes about the situation in Scottish cities and explores what can be done to address this issue going forward.

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Levelling Up: looking through a new lens – the role of the community sector

LGIU’s Janet Sillett reflects on speaking at the Age UK Influencing Conference last week about levelling up and the difficulties for the third sector, particularly charities, in having ‘a place at the table’ when discussing these plans for the future.

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Schools White Paper: Governing school governance

A Schools White Paper is confirmed for 2022 and is likely to signal significant structural changes for the local government role in education and children’s services. This blog addresses what impact this might have on school governance.

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Moray welcomes Afghan refugees

Moray Council in Scotland has agreed to the settlement of 20 Afghan refugees, Cllr Theresa Coull writes that as a council and a community the best thing you can do is be friendly and supportive whilst they settle into a new environment.

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Beyond efficiency in net zero housing: how councils can reduce embodied carbon

With the construction industry representing 38% of global emissions, change for the sector is a huge priority – and one local government will have a hand in achieving. Improving energy efficiency in homes is of great importance, but continuing to neglect embodied carbon would be a mistake.

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How Toronto’s Newcomer Office is helping resettle refugees

Vera Dodic, manager of Toronto’s Newcomer Office, explains how their coordinating role between the City of Toronto and public and private partners is making the transition to a new life in Canada’s largest city easier for people who’ve had their whole lives turned upside down.

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All resettlement is local: refugee policy developed where it delivers

Despite international discussions of hosting refugees being at national level, the burden falls at the local level. While local government ought to have a larger voice in immigration policy, many municipalities globally have found innovative ways to support refugees and create localised immigration policies.

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