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Where are this year’s local elections happening in England?


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Only 107 local council elections will take place at the 2024 May elections – a relatively small number compared to the 230 from the previous year.

In addition, three-quarters of those having elections are only electing a third of their councillors. This means the results in terms of potential control swings are likely to be less impactful than last year as well.

But, there is a silver lining!

Despite the fact not every place will be holding local council elections, there is still the opportunity for every person across England and Wales (who is eligible) to cast a vote on May 2nd.

All the places that don’t have local council elections will have either Police and Crime Commissioner elections, combined authority elections, or be in London and, therefore, able to vote for the London assembly and the mayor of London.

Curious about these different elections? We’ve got the answers here:

As a result, every single elections team across England and Wales will be running at least one set of elections, and that’s before we even count the upcoming general election!

Want to check what type of election you’ll be able to vote in? Democracy Club have provided a fantastic tool for checking the elections near you:

Use the map below to see the political control of different councils, combined authorities and police and crime commissioners as of the 2nd April 2024 – one month before the local elections.


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