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What’s happening in the world of local government this week?


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We’ve compiled together some of the most interesting, newsworthy stories of the last week from the local government sector worldwide. We’re just trialling this service out for now, so let us know what you think in the comments below: 

New York City: New spacious subways modelled after Europe and Asia
New York City’s MTA has unveiled a new type of subway car design on the C line, which features open gangways that allow riders to walk between cars, wider doors for improved accessibility, and increased overall space. The new design is expected to improve passenger flow and reduce crowding during peak hours. The trains also feature security cameras, digital displays, and LED lighting. The MTA plans to introduce the new design to other subway lines in the future. The project is part of a larger effort to modernise and improve the city’s public transportation system.

Glasgow approves final phase of reshaped transport network
Glasgow City Council has approved the final stage of its transport strategy, designed to help battle climate change and create more liveable neighbourhoods. The Spatial Delivery Framework was created to help the council identify the best use of limited space to create key infrastructure, such as mobility hubs, bus priority corridors, and new park and ride stations. The approval means the city’s plans for a reshaped transport network can be delivered, with more than a 100 laid out within the strategy.
Smart Cities World

Brussels: Europe’s first “single-friendly” local government?
The municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels, this week became the first local government in Europe to commit to evaluating how its policies are impacting one-person households. The council has humorously vowed to become the first “single-friendly” local authority by taking single people into account in its policies. The council unanimously approved the Towards a municipality in solidarity with one-person households living on a single income charter – which adopts the “single reflex” to consistently ensure policies don’t have any adverse effects on people living alone. Other measures include ensuring single people are given more consideration in the workplace, and that new housing projects provide enough space for social interaction.
The Brussels Times

Strasbourg: Pregnant women to receive local organic food for free
The City of Strasbourg has seen success in its pilot scheme to make locally grown, pesticide free organic food free and accessible for pregnant women. Some 1,500 local residents have now received organic produce, while at the same time benefiting from new cooking classes on how to prepare seasonal fruit and veg. Strasbourg mayor Jeanne Barseghian detailed the scheme on a recent French TV appearance. The “green prescription” scheme was originally launched in November 2022.
L’Événement / The Limited Times

San Antonio launches new dashboards to boost transparency
A new suite of user-friendly public information dashboards has been developed by the City of San Antonio. The dashboards are designed to improve the accessibility of information while maintaining high levels of transparency on public works projects. They encompass a range of city projects, including parks, streets, facilities and drainage. The dashboards allow users to filter projects by type, status and phase, while also providing interactive, searchable maps on all bond projects undertaken by the city between 2017 and 2022.
Smart Cities World

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