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What’s happening in the world of local government this week?


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We’ve compiled together some of the most interesting, newsworthy stories of the last week from the local government sector worldwide. We’re just trialling this service out for now, so let us know what you think in the comments below: 

New York City to launch sustainable delivery department

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced a new municipal agency for micromobility oversight. Mopeds, motorbikes and e-bikes will be regulated following a substantial jump in use as the delivery industry has boomed. The Department of Sustainable Delivery will examine the use of two and three wheeled micromobility vehicles, which have been widely welcomed in the city for their impacts on cutting pollution and traffic congestion, despite challenges over pedestrian and rider safety concerns. The agency is believed to be a national first. Deputy mayor for operations Meera Joshi said the new entity will let the city amplify the industry’s positives while mitigating the negative effects.

Dozens of EU cities demand housing action
Last Wednesday, the mayors of Paris, Rome, Berlin and 40 other EU cities signed onto the Belgian presidency of the European Council’s Brussels Declaration. The declaration demands the next European Commission makes housing its signature issue as part of an ambitious EU urban policy. It outlines the political issues cities are experiencing and outlines cities’ recommendations and priorities for the next EU mandate, including affordable, sustainable housing and the need for local governments to have greater involvement in EU decision-making.

The Brussels Times / EuroCities

Malmö devises app to support divorced parents
The City of Malmö has developed a new digital tool to offer support and knowledge to post-seperation parents. The Collaboration after divorce app sets out to help any adults in the process of seperation or divorce or who are already divorced, providing resources, short films, exercises and tips on navigating certain scenarios. It is based on a collaborative project from a group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen.

The Mayor

Australian council’s leak detection team not to be sniffed at

Central Coast Council has deployed a trio of water sniffer dogs to help address the challenge of water and sewer leaks. The unique leak detection initiative has seen the council partner with the Sydney Water Lead Detection Dog Team to uncover leaks across 25km of water mains and 10km of sewer rising mains across the Central Coast. The squad located six leaks missed by human detection over five days, allowing the council to pinpoint and plan repairs with unanticipated precision.

Coast Community News


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