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We are proud to introduce our brand new build your own curriculum training offer.

This programme has been designed by LGIU members for LGIU members and the wider local government community and is delivered by trainers who are experts in their fields and hugely experienced in local government.

Everyone’s work life is really hectic – we know – and you told us that you wanted the opportunity to develop your skills at times that best suit you.

So we are really pleased to be able to offer a range of courses with dates confirmed throughout 2023 – you can pick and mix classes that you want on dates that work for you.

Either choose from four ready-made curriculums (designed by our experts) or mix and match classes from our catalogue to create one that’s unique to you.

And, when you complete any three sessions, you’ll receive an official LGIU certificate of completion!

Our curriculum and courses

We’ve been training local government – officers and councillors alike – for more than 30 years. This new programme is the result of feedback, discussions and insight from the thousands and thousands of delegates we have met over the years. It includes many of our most popular classes – and they are popular for a reason.

Our trainers have developed these four ready made tracks to address yours skills gaps:

  • Management fundamentals including top tips for managing performance
  • Being an effective councillor focused on how you can make a difference in your role
  • Local government finance and the nuts and bolts of financial reports
  • Communications essentials with everything you need to get your message across

Each curriculum is made up of three courses which together provide you with an unbeatable grounding in that subject.

But if you want more flexibility in your learning, you can pick individual classes from any of those in our full skills catalogue. Why not combine Communicating in a crisis with Make a difference as a councillor and Introduction to local government finance? Browse the full catalogue here.

Booking is easy – all the details are on our website.

LGIU members receive a 25% discount on every booking they make. If the council you work for – or are a councillor at – is one of our members then you are a member too, so make sure you claim your discount.

Of course, we are still offering our extensive in-house training programme and if you have a number of people to train at once then this may be the way to go, so do get in touch with our in-house training coordinator if that is the case.

What others are saying about LGIU training

“My manager recommended I attend one of the LGIU sessions and it was a lovely, interactive time! Our group had such a good atmosphere and the discussions were highly informative. I appreciated how organised our trainer was and thank you for putting it on.”

– Marsha, from Aberdeen


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