Supporting local government every day

We know this is a hugely demanding time in local government. All of us rely on councils – their work is the foundation of the places where we live and the communities that we are part of.

Our purpose at the LGIU is to support the invaluable work of our members with up-to-the-minute insight, access to new ideas and the networks to share best practice and drive change.

Coming to the end of what has been an extremely challenging year for local government, that purpose feels even more important to us.

LGIU – a snapshot of the year


LGIU membership – resources, research and reach for local government


The practical support, on tap, that council staff and elected representatives need for their jobs every day.

We know from the responses to our annual survey that LGIU’s resources save officers and councillors valuable time and are used in many different ways – from briefing senior management to preparing committee papers.

  • Our Daily News is in your inbox at 6am, 362 days a year ensuring you can start each day knowing everything that’s happening across local government.
  • In-depth policy briefings cut through complex subjects and keep your team up to date.
  • Monthly policy and legislation round ups – including the new England policy round-up and the Early years and child care round-up succinctly summarise all the latest development in one place.
  • In response to feedback from members we have been embedding many more case studies into all our resources, sharing innovation and best practice from around the world.
  • LGIU training delivered skills and knowledge boosts across councils – from new councillors to experienced officers.

In 2023, we’ll help you make even more of your LGIU membership by:

  • re-designing our website and emails, following extensive user research
  • incorporating easy ways for you to tell us what’s most useful
  • creating a case study database to help you find practical examples for inspiration and innovation.


The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre works with universities and think tanks around the world to generate new insights on the issues that matter most to our members. Current projects include:

  • how councils provide leadership around crucial climate action decisions
  • an investigation of how funding for local government shapes its function.

In the next year, new work will include:

  • local economic development
  • ways of understanding and reducing poverty.


Opportunities for sharing learning and experience are a vital part of the LGIU community. Celebrating the first birthday of Global Local has reinforced this and the importance of connecting with the wider local government community.

Our expanding international service provides fresh insight from colleagues and communities around the world. Look out for more international panel discussions, meet the expert sessions and of course the all-important Cllr Awards back for the 14th year in 2023.

Your top 3 briefings in 2022

1. Digital infrastructure is key to meeting future housing and care needs

A briefing that explores the growing importance of digital technology in helping a wide range of people to remain independent in their own homes. Read this briefing.

2. Working at home or in the office? The growth of hybrid working in local government

This briefing looks at home and hybrid working, exploring how it has evolved over the past two years and includes examples from local authorities who have risen to the challenge. Read this briefing.

3. UK Poverty 2022: the JRF’s essential guide

We summarise the main findings from the JRF poverty report and discuss the implications for local authorities as they look to support local communities through the next year and beyond. Read this briefing.

Your favourite blogs of 2022

1. Who runs the councils in No Overall Control?

What does NOC mean in practice? Lots of you were obviously keen to know because this was our most-read blog from 2022. Read this blog.

2. The global impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s death

It was a huge event in the UK of course, but how did the death of the world’s longest reigning monarch play out around the world? Read this blog.

3. State of the Locals in England and Wales – the results

Ah, the local elections – the most important elections of all. We once again provided insight and commentary throughout the period and this blog was our day-after round-up of the results. Read this blog.

Our favourite event of 2022!

But of course it was the LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards!

We were back for the 13th year. And it is the highlight of our year because we get to honour the hard work, dedication and impact of so many truly outstanding councillors.

It is always an honour to hear about your achievements in the hundreds of nominations that come rolling in.

And it is always a pleasure to welcome so many of you to the awards ceremony!

Here’s a little taste of why we love Cllr Awards so much.

Make the most of your membership in 2023

An LGIU membership is for the whole council. If your organisation is a member of the LGIU then our member benefits are available to every councillor and every member of staff.

We are your LGIU; use our extensive resources, get involved in our research, share your stories and experience with us and the LGIU local government community.

The best way to make the most of your membership is to register on this website.