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Our purpose at the LGIU Scotland is to support the invaluable work of our members with up-to-the-minute insight, access to new ideas and the networks to share best practice and drive change.

Coming to the end of what has been an extremely challenging year for local government across Scotland, that purpose feels even more important to us.

In 2022 we continued to deliver all the news, views, analysis and commentary we know you hard working public sector people want.

We know from the responses to our annual survey that LGIU Scotland’s resources save officers and councillors valuable time and are used in many different ways – from briefing senior management to preparing committee papers.

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LGIU Scotland – a snapshot of the year

LGIU Scotland membership – resources, research and reach for local government


The practical support, on tap, that council staff and elected representatives need for their jobs every day.

  • Our Daily News is in your inbox at 6am, 362 days a year ensuring you can start each day knowing everything that’s happening across local government.
  • In-depth policy briefings cut through complex subjects and keep your team up to date.
  • Monthly policy and legislation round ups – including the new Scotland policy round-up, and a regular digest focusing on Scottish local government developments – succinctly summarise all the latest developments in one place.

You asked for more case studies in briefings and we are pleased to report that we have started embedding case studies in many of our policy briefings. Readership data shows that these briefings have been extremely well read and shared with colleagues extensively. So, a huge thanks to all our valued members for sharing their case studies and experience with us.


The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre (LDRC) works with universities and think tanks around the world to generate new insights on the issues that matter most to our members.

Current projects include how councils provide leadership around crucial climate action decisions.

And, we were very excited to launch our first PhD programme at the University of the Highlands and Islands, in partnership with Shetland, Orkney and Western Isles councils. Our PhD candidate Adele Lidderdale is conducting research around the implementation, reach and consequences of the Scottish Government National Islands Plan for the local Island communities it has been developed to support.

Next year, new projects for the LDRC will include one on social care reform in Scotland.


Opportunities for sharing learning and experience are a vital part of the LGIU community. Celebrating the first birthday of Global Local has reinforced this and the importance of connecting with the wider local government community.

Our expanding international service provides fresh insight from colleagues and communities around the world. Look out for more international panel discussions, meet the expert sessions and of course the all-important Cllr Awards back for the 6th year in 2023.

Three of our case study briefings

Stepping forward: how councils are responding to the cost of living crisis

This briefing set out to demonstrate the range of help that made available by councils, as well as desperately needed, due to the cost of living crisis. Read this briefing.

Energy policy in turbulent times: the economic lever of local government’s role in energy

This briefing uses case studies to explore the experience and problems associated with attempts to create locally-based and fairer energy markets through locally-owned energy companies. Read this briefing.

Lightening the load: mental health support for local government workers

Using case studies, this briefing highlights local authority examples of community and workforce mental health support. Read this briefing.

Highlights from LGIU Scotland's blogs

The National Islands Plan: a journey to transformational change for Scotland’s Islands?

Adele Lidderdale discusses the scope of her research as the LGIU’s first ever PhD candidate on a new programme set up by LGIU in partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands, Shetland, Orkney and Western Isles councils. Read this blog.

Local authorities and place and wellbeing outcomes

This blog explores how local authorities can make wellbeing a top priority at every opportunity by embedding the outcomes in their decision-making processes. Read this blog.

Resilience at the heart of the community

An interview with Cllr Euan Jardine,  a previous Resilience and Recovery award winner at the LGIU Scotland/CCLA Cllr Awards. Read this blog.

Our favourite event of 2022!

But of course it was the LGIU Scotland & CCLA Cllr Awards!

We were back for the 5th year – this time in Dundee.

Hands down this is our favourite event every year because it is our chance to celebrate the hard work, dedication and impact of councillors from across Scotland.

As the nominations roll in, it is a real honour to share in these truly inspiring stories.

And, of course it is always a pleasure to welcome so many of you to the awards ceremony!

Here’s a little taste of why we love Cllr Awards so much.

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