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International local government news 11.06.24


Wild flowers bloom in spring at the Santa Monica mountains recreation area in Southern California

Here are the latest newsworthy and interesting stories from the local government sector that caught our attention. In this round-up of what’s happening right now in the world of local government, you’ll find best practices, inspiration, and more from across the sector.

USA: The world’s largest animal crossing under construction in California
An inconspicuous slice of Highway 101, Agoura Hills, California will soon be home to a world-leading habitat project. Over a highway constantly buzzing with cars (with some 300,000 passing by the planned spot every day) a crossing is being built that will reconnect habitats formerly cut off for 75 years. The Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing will be 170 feet wide and 210 feet long (about the width of an American football field over a busy highway) and will help all animals in the area cross the road and connect with new habitats.
Science Friday

Belgium: Temporary bus stops rolled out to boost accessibility
In a bid to maintain accessibility in local public transport, the City of Ghent has rolled out two innovative mobile temporary bus stops, which ensure mobility-impaired passengers can still use city buses. The city has purchased these temporary stops to “provide accessibility on the go” in times when the existing stops have to be closed or temporarily moved due to roadworks. The bus stops level the gap between pavements and the bus floor and can be easily set up and taken down.
The Mayor

Australia: “Beach cubes” offer mobile art gallery on a Tasmanian beachfront
Last week, the City of Hobart launched the second version of its InsideOUT program, which sees distinctive art cubes displayed at Sandy Bay’s Long Beach. Formed out of shipping containers, the (mostly) glass cubes this time will feature images of the nearby Fort Nelson House, celebrated as one of the country’s finest modernist structures. The two mini gallery spaces will feature suspended prints of the house and video projections. The unique, solar-powered space is hoped to add a new and changing lens to the artwork based on the time of day and weather.
City of Hobart / InsideLocalGovernment

The Netherlands: Smart tire pumps rolled out across Amsterdam
The City of Amsterdam has invested in ten new smart tire pumps, free to use for all drivers across the municipality. Usually, most drivers tend not to know how much air they need to add to their tires, so they end up underinflating or driving away with even less air due to incorrect pump usage. This in turn leads to higher CO2 emissions due to a more inefficient vehicle, alongside other safety concerns. Now, drivers who need to replenish their tires can simply enter their license plate into the smart tire pump software and find out how much air needs to be added to their vehicle.
The Mayor

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