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International local government news 02.07.24


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Here are the latest newsworthy and interesting stories from the local government sector that caught our attention. In this round-up of what’s happening right now in the world of local government, you’ll find best practices, inspiration, and more from across the sector.

Denmark: How Aarhus created a world-leading reusable cup system
In January this year, the Danish City of Aarhus launched a reusable cup system, with 53 local establishments partaking in the deposit scheme. Since then, some 300,000 orders have been placed using these cups, ensuring the city has avoided the equivalent of about 300,000 waste bins of worth of disposable cups. The scheme sees customers paying a deposit (less than a euro) that can then be redeemed by returning the cup to one of 27 deposit machines in the city.
The Mayor

France: Marseille free riders offered subscription instead of fine
Marseille’s public transport operator RTM is testing a new policy, where anyone caught travelling without a ticket on public transport is offered a chance to undo their decision instead of immediately facing a fine. Free riders will be offered the option of buying an RTM subscription pass instead of receiving a fine on the spot, described as an alternative, “educational fine”. The trial will last 8 months and is hoped to cut down on the 25 million euro lost each year to fare dodging in Marseille.
The Mayor

Poland: Library explores new angle for remembering the past
The National Museum of Krakow has launched the first-ever “library of heritage smells”, which sets out to add another dimension when exhibiting artifacts. The Odotheka initiative has reportedly been in development for three years, with researchers trying to find the best way to capture and reproduce scents associated with historical objects. 10 historical artifacts have had their smells “archived” as part of the scheme, in processes that took months. Ljubljana’s National Museum of Slovenia has also joined the scheme, providing five of the ten artifacts.
Notes from Poland

Spain: Madrid steps up efforts to curb illegal tourist rentals
Authorities in the City of Madrid have moved to firmly put an end to unregulated tourist trental apartments across the capital. Financial sanctions are set to jump for landlords caught renting out their properties short-term without the right license, with fines starting at 30,000 euros and jumping to 100,000 euros with repeat offences. Currently, 93% of tourist rentals in Madrid are illegal, with the overall number of rentals having grown by 41% since 2017.
Canarian Weekly


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