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Gender policy: Case studies and resources for local government


Every week, we highlight inspiration and innovation from local government worldwide. In this article, we focus on we can rewild our local areas – from cities to wilderness. You’ll find best practice from Spain, Singapore, Australia and the UK along with plenty of practical policy and resources to for more insight and guidance on the topic.

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Policy innovation and inspiration examples from the local government sector

Resources to help build stronger communities

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Report: Gender Trap: The gender structure, violence, and women’s unfreedom
This paper examines the “gender trap” – where gender-based violence victimisation increases women’s risk of deep multidimensional disadvantage, in turn leading to further victimisation. It aims to underscore how gender-based violence acts as a mechanism of disadvantage in the lives of women.

Report: Safer cities by design
This paper explores how better “urban form” or environmental design can lead to safer places and more vibrant city centres across Aotearoa New Zealand. It highlights how fears about crime influences where people choose to live and if and how they use public places. Coordinated urban design interventions can help make us feel safer. The paper finds that fears about potential crime can affect where people choose to live, and whether and how they use public places. Some groups, especially women, trans and non-binary people, children and older people, suffer disproportionately and will often modify and limit their use of urban streets, squares, parks, playgrounds and public buildings because of safety concerns. These will become critically important as our cities become denser and there is more demand for public space.

Research paper: Gender affects people’s housing pathways and outcomes: better data needed
Gender has a real impact on the ease of people finding safe and affordable housing. This research project underscores that accurate data collection practices are vital to improve housing outcomes for women and gender-diverse people. At the same time, it highlights that housing opportunities, impacts, assistance and pathways are gendered, and examines the gendered nature of housing precarity.

Report: Gender Equity in Local Government Best Practice Guide
This guide developed by the Victorian Government sets out to help local communities achieve gender equality in local government. It emphasises councils’ obligation to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve and strive for gender equality. It details actions councils and communities can take to promote gender equity within their organisation, their local area, and in who they are represented by.

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