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LGiU Australia briefings are brought to you via our associate network of academics, professionals, consultants and other local government experts from across Australia, and form a core part of the LGiU Australia content offer. Our 2022 briefing portfolio covers a broad spectrum of policy issues and topics directly relevant to local government across Australia.

With sister organisations in Scotland, England and Ireland, and a large pool of international associates from all over the world, we are proud of our capacity to share global perspectives on local government issues and apply insights and thinking from around the globe to the local government issues we’re facing here in Australia.

In 2022 we published over 75 policy briefings looking at everything from building cultural ecosystems to the impact of short term tourist rentals on housing affordability to addressing the underprovision of childcare in rural areas, with analysis that’s relevant for Australian local government and focusing on key takeaways for councils.

Major briefing themes for 2022 included a strong focus on skills and workforce challenges post COVID, climate action and resilience building, and all things planning and infrastructure.

Ten of the best

In case you missed them first time round, here’s ten of our most popular briefings from 2022. You can also dive into the whole back catalogue here:

2022 National survey of Australian local government skills and workforce capability

This briefing explores the findings from the 2022 Local Government Workforce Skills and Capability Survey and the insights it provides into the Australian local government workforce, including the skills needs of the sector and how well equipped the sector is to respond and adapt at a time of rapid change.

Treaty: What is it? Why Australia needs it? What’s happening around Australia? How will they effect local government?

Since election night in May 2022, the Prime Minister of Australia has been very clear in his government’s commitment to implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart, but what does this treaty mean in practice and what impact can it have on local government and its communities?

Responding to the twin crisis: climate change and biodiversity loss

This briefing explores pathways for action for local governments who have or are considering declaring a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency. 112 out of Australia’s 537 councils have already declared or recognised a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency. However, the decision to declare is just the first step.

Activating our communities: the importance of supporting community infrastructure

This briefing looks at the grant program, the direct and indirect benefits of community infrastructure, the importance of supporting community infrastructure provision in high-growth areas to provide an equality of access for current and future generations.

Strategies to reduce flood impact: the role for local government

This briefing discusses current obstacles for local governments in realising the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030′s priorities and highlights some ways to overcome these obstacles to build resilient communities.

Anchor approaches: Amplifying the positive impacts of Local Government

The first of a four-part series exploring opportunities for Local Government to grow local productivity and place-based wellbeing by intentionally adopting Anchor approaches, this briefing introduces the key concepts and discusses how Anchor approaches can improve place-based wellbeing.

Embedding gender equality in local government

This briefing is centred around the Victorian Gender Equality Act and supporting material, it provides useful insights for other state and local governments seeking to accelerate change, focusing on internal, organisational change, while also taking a step back to remind us why gender equality is important in the first place.

Driving the shift to Electric Vehicles

Local governments play an integral role in steering the transition to EVs in Australia. This briefing discusses the role of councillors and council staff in the adoption of electric vehicles in council fleets, the provision of fleet charging infrastructure, and planning policies related to charging infrastructure.

How can local governments address social isolation?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, social isolation was already a complex, escalating issue. This briefing looks at social isolation, as distinct from loneliness, and how governments can address it moving forward.

Leveraging social procurement to close the gap

This briefing explores the ways in which social procurement policy offers local governments a mechanism to close the gap and improve the wellbeing of our First Nations populations.

All of us at LGiU Australia would like to thank you for helping us support local government in 2022 and we look forward to bringing you a fresh new array of local government resources and research in 2023. 


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