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Our latest editions of Global Local, bringing you the best practice from around the world.

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BRAND NEW TOPIC: 🏙️ Turnaround cities

In the latest issue of Global Local, we examine the towns and cities that have overcome periods of industrial or economic decline. Read here.

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Each week, we bring you a deep dive into the issues with a new look at local solutions to global challenges. Our recent editions covered:

🇮🇪 Spotlight on Irish local government

A spotlight on all things Irish local government and the vital role they play in the social and economic spheres across this island state. Read here.

👩‍🌾 Rural 20-minute neighbourhoods

An examination of whether the 20-minute neighbourhood concept can be successfully implemented in more rural settings. Read here.

💰 Local government finance

New research, key lessons and useful resources for sustainable local government finance. Read here.

✈️ Tourism for heritage, sustainability and economic development

A look at funding, regulating and developing local tourism to achieve key objectives for your communities. Read here.

💛 Trauma informed services

Exploring how local government can develop services to take account of the needs of people who have suffered trauma as well as supporting victims directly. Read here.

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Other briefings you may find useful

🛥️ Ports and local authorities: understanding the complexity of new and enduring agendas

This member-only case study briefing looks at the UK’s port sector and the major pressures it faces to adapt to environmental challenges. Overall, ports are key players in their cities and communities as they often play a part in defining the area’s identity and culture.

🌳 20-minute neighbourhoods: how does it work for rural communities?

Drawing on case studies from across the UK this member-only briefing will take a specific look at what the 20-minute neighbourhood approach might mean for rural communities.

🏦 Pay to stay? The growth of tourist taxes around the world

Tourist taxes are increasingly common in parts of the world, but how much do they raise and what are they designed to achieve? A new briefing looks at the option of taxing visitors to a city or country and the role local government can potentially play in ensuring they are effective.

🏙️ Turnaround cities – research on seven cities for the Economy 2030 Commission

Many post-industrial cities around the world are trying to turn around long-term economic underperformance and forge a new future. This member-only briefing explores research for the Resolution Foundation’s Economy 2030 Commission asks what can be learnt from the experience of ‘turnaround cities’ – cities that have overcome economic shocks and turned their fortunes around

Key briefings:

The Irish local government system and the role of the councillor: Tom Moylan, Director of the AILG and a former councillor himself, addresses the need for a strong democratic local government system in the State, one which is vital to promote the welfare and good government of the people of Ireland.

 Revising the National Planning Framework: The National Planning Framework has proven to be quite the thorn for local government which is why many are supportive of the Irish government’s plan to revisit and renew the framework in 2024. This think piece reviews the current issues and explores the intent and potential outcome of the upcoming review process.

Applying the Public Expenditure Code: Evaluation of local government: This is the latest briefing in our series summarising the findings in the National Oversight and Audit Commission national reports, in particular focusing on the Public Spending Code of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

A review of the Climate Action Economic Opportunities – Local Authorities Supporting Enterprise 2023 Conference: We highlight the critical role of local authorities in facilitating sustainable enterprise that capitalises on opportunities from climate transition.

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Something for everyone

At LGIU, we’re all about celebrating and showcasing the best of local government. Everyone can read, enjoy and share our open features and interviews. We also encourage anyone to reach out here if you’ve got an idea that you want us to cover or your own story to share with LGIU’s international community of local government.

In Conversation with Brendan McGrath, Chief Executive of Galway City Council

Responsible for Ireland’s third largest city, and a leader in Irish culture and heritage, Galway City Council is responsible for a population of 83,456 and operates with a 2023 revenue and capital budget of €215 million. As the largest city in the West of Ireland, and an international scene for culture and the arts, we spoke with Chief Executive Brendan McGrath to find out more about the work of Galway City Council. Read here.

How BladeBridges are repurposing wind turbines and active travel

Tackling the dilemma of growing wind energy adoption and no sustainable disposal solution, offers a way to repurpose blades into blade bridges, a cost-competitive option to traditional bridges with added environmental advantages. Read here. 

May you live in exciting times: Looking at Irish Local Government

The vital work of local authority employees in Ireland and the role they are playing in our social and economic life is being highlighted for this year’s ‘Your Council Day’, which takes place on Friday 23rd June. Our Commissioning Editor, Dr. Seán Ó Riordáin provides an overview of Irish local government. Read it here.

20-minute neighbourhoods, USA experiences

Urban sprawl and the ongoing lack of adequate transport and service infrastructure is a huge challenge for urban communities across the US. This article highlights key examples of how several US cities are adopting the 20-minute neighbourhood concept to overcome the challenges. Read here.

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Recent collections

Want to explore more? Our collections are a great way to look at an issue from all the angles. Check out some of our recent collections.

Spotlight on Irish local government

To mark the LGMA’s Your Council Day on June 23, we’re highlighting the services Irish local government provide for people and communities with some of our past content. In keeping with the theme of Your Council Day, we’ll be showcasing the range of work taking place across Irish local authorities, including the services not always associated with councils, such as arts and heritage, urban and village renewal, and tourism. Read it here. 

Environmental governance

This collection showcases a range of LGIU work that explores all things environmental governance on a local level, including best environmental practice from local leaders around the world, the importance of community engagement, and adaptation and resilience strategies. From exclusive LGIU member content to our Global Local newsletters, plus articles which are free for anyone to read, this collection provides resources to support better policy and practice for your communities. Read it here.

Democracy and governance

A huge range of resources from voting, decision making to engaging with local communities. We highlight the best of our resources on making things happen together! Read it here. 

Energy - powering local futures

This collection showcases a range of LGIU work that explores energy on a local level, including transitions in energy sources and powering future homes. It has plenty of key resources to offer for staff and councillors in public services that aspire to drive a sustainable energy transition in their areas. Read it here.

Local government finance

New international research and lessons on local government finance. What are the challenges? What are the potential solutions and how can we ensure a sustainable future for local government? Find out here.

Tackling pollution

Local authorities across the world have the opportunity to play a central role in achieving a profound change in global pollution through delivering effective and sustainable pollution management strategies. From investing in clean transport services and modifying local water management policies, to promoting sustainable waste management, there are clear ways local governments can reduce pollution. Check it out.