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Our monthly roundup of everything you might have missed from LGIU’s support for local government in Ireland

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By local government for local government. LGIU brings our members daily news that matters to local government, key policy roundups, essential briefings, discounted training and free workshops, and fresh looks at local solutions to global challenges. These are just the highlights of what we’ve done in the last four weeks.

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Policy roundups

Our roundups are ideal for keeping up with the latest developments in key policy areas.

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Focus on Ireland

Focus on Ireland highlights a few key items of local government news from our members-only Daily News service, funding calls and provides links to key resources to help you address the issues of today and opportunities for the future. Read here. 

Notable practice roundup

For everyone! Read about inspirational practice and innovation in all four of our LGIU sister countries, with links to resources that can help you make it real where you are.  Read it here.

Local government at the Oireachtas: May 2023

In this member-exclusive round-up service, we examine the news from Ireland’s Parliament every month with a focus, as always, on legislation which impacts local government. May’s edition includes a visit from the US President, brand-new local government legislation and ten new Bills signed into law. Read here.

Think tank review

This month for everyone! We round up the latest findings from leading think tanks around the globe with insights that are critical for local government. This month: offices to houses, public services digital, Covid recovery fraud, whistle blowing and active travel. Read here. 

Featured articles and leadership profiles

Our good reads celebrating local government in Ireland and expert opinion.

Local Government in Ireland: Not as badly off as I thought it was….

LGIU’s Commissioning Editor for Ireland reflects on the recently published research on local government finance and funding in England and wonders if the grass is not always so green.

Read here.

Niall Cussen, Chief Executive of the Office of the Planning Regulator

Continuing with LGIU Ireland’s local government leadership series, Thomas spoke with the Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR), Niall Cussen, to find out more about the operation of Ireland’s planning system. Read more.

Removing the mystique of talking to the public

Next up in LGIU’s series of interviews with local government leaders, we spoke with Meath County Council’s Chief Executive, Jackie Maguire, to find out more about the Council’s big priorities, how they’re trying to talk more plainly with the public and what they’re striving to achieve this year. Read it here.

Growing gardens, networks and communities in Carlow

This article showcases Carlow County Council’s award-winning Ru:rban project – delivered by an effective partnership between Carlow County Council Executive and elected members, businesses, community groups and NGOs working in the area of community gardens and allotments. Read here. 

BRAND NEW TOPIC: 💰 Local government finance

map and money
We go beyond the bottom line with findings from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre which examines and compares local government funding and finance systems. Our latest Global Local bulletin highlights innovative practice and shares resources to help you make the best of your budget. Read here.

Be sure to check out our full international local government finance collection for even more insights on this important topic.

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Read the latest from Global Local

Each week we bring you a deep dive into the issues with a new look at local solutions to global challenges. Our recent editions covered:

✈️ Tourism for heritage, sustainability and economic development

A look at funding, regulating and developing local tourism to achieve key objectives for your communities. Read here.

💛 Trauma informed services

Exploring how local government can develop services to take account of the needs of people who have suffered trauma as well as supporting victims directly. Read here.

👶 Poverty and child prospects

Investigating how local governments can tackle child poverty and mitigate the impacts to improve children’s life chances. Read here.

🏋️ Health and social care integration

Examining how councils are developing ways of bringing services together to meet people’s fundamental needs. Read here.

Our recent member briefings for Ireland

Each week we bring you new briefings on key topics and reduce complex information to actionable insights.

More LGIU briefings we think might just be useful

Recent briefings for local government in Ireland

The Land Question – Implications of the LDA report

Housing shortages are a huge national issue in Ireland. A new report by the Land Development Agency estimates that available land parcels could yield up to 66,910 housing units – with 41% being local authority owned already. This briefing examines the report detail’s and its implications for helping to relieve Ireland’s future housing demand. Read here.

 Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2022

This briefing analyses the Housing Agency’s annual report, Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2022. It reflects on the meaning and relevance of the findings and considers some of the longer-term trends and their implications for local government. Read here.

Rebuilding Ireland: Report by the Local Government Audit Service

This is the latest briefing in our series dealing with the Local Government Audit Service ‘value for money’ unit reports. This briefing focuses on the report, ‘Overview of Rebuilding Ireland Home Loans issued Authorities’ and highlights the most important aspects for local government. Read here. 

The National Climate Action Plan

Our two-part series that analyses the National Climate Action Plan 2023 and the implications it holds for the wider public sector, particularly Irish local government.

New campaign: LGIU@40 For the Future of Local Government

LGIU@40 launches a programme of work driven by our core belief in the vital role that local democratic institutions have in creating better places for us all.

Together with our members and the wider sector we will be establishing a set of new ideas about how local government could work better – could be enabled to work better – and how we can build the firm foundations we need to navigate a turbulent and uncertain future. Find out more and get involved. 

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