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By local government for local government. LGIU brings our members daily news that matters to local government, key policy roundups, essential briefings, discounted training and free workshops, and fresh looks at local solutions to global challenges. These are just the highlights of what we’ve done in the last four weeks.

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Resources for new councillors

And background reading for everyone.

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  • Local government is responsible for a diverse range of services that have huge implications for the life chances of children and young peopleDiscover more of our work.
  • Local government budgets have been under ever increasing pressure for years and the pandemic fallout and cost of living crisis are exacerbating that. We make it easier to fully understand the complex system of local government finance. Discover more of our work.
  • Social care is one of the most complex, resource intensive of local services. It’s also one that makes a huge impact on people’s lives. We can help you develop a good understanding of how the system operates. Discover more of our work.
  • Housing and planning: Local authorities play an important role in developing healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensuring that there are enough high-quality homes. Discover more of our work.
  • Welfare and equalities: Local authorities and councillors keep the machinery of everyday life operating, pick up the pieces and support the most vulnerable in our communities. Discover more of our work.
  • An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development? Discover more of our work.

Essential resources

The big news for May in English local government was the local elections, of course. As usual LGIU had you covered. After the elections are when the real work begins and we shared our essential resources for new councillors including our essential reading list for that’s great for anyone who wants to get up to scratch quickly with key policy areas.


  • With the impacts of climate change worsening with every passing year, local authorities hold a vital role in both cutting emissions and in developing more resilient places. Discover more of our work.
  • Communities are what local government is all about. We all want to make a positive difference to the lives of people in their community. Find out what really works.

Policy roundups

Our roundup briefings are ideal for keeping up with the latest developments in key policy areas.

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England policy roundup

Key reports and policy development for English local government. Just for LGIU members. Read it here.

Notable practice roundup

For everyone! Read about inspirational practice and innovation in all four of our LGIU sister countries, with links to resources that can help you make it real where you are.  Read it here.

Housing and planning

The latest developments in housing and planning. Just for LGIU members. Read it here.

Health and social care

Our monthly focus on important policy developments, thinking and research on health and social care in the UK. Just for LGIU members. Read it here.

Parliamentary update

Follow legislative progress with impact on local government. Just for LGIU members.  Read it here.

Think tank review

This month for everyone! We round up the latest findings from leading think tanks around the globe with insights that are critical for local government. Read it here. 

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Read the latest from Global Local

Each week we bring you a deep dive into the issues with a new look at local solutions to global challenges.

In May we delved into:

More member briefings in May

Each week we bring you new briefings on key topics and reduce complex information to actionable insights.

  •  Ports and local authorities: understanding the complexity of new and enduring agendas: This briefing looks at the UK’s port sector and the major pressures it faces to adapt to environmental challenges. Overall, ports are key players in their cities and communities as they often play a part in defining the area’s identity and culture.
  • Do emissions-controlled zones work? A review of the results  For the first time, emissions-controlled zones have been floated as a possibility in New South Wales, however, they are not a novel idea and have been implemented elsewhere for over two decades. This briefing explores the evidence from other countries, particularly the UK, and the various pros and cons they offer to factors like health, environment and economy.
  • Economic inactivity – who are the UK’s missing workers? Nearly nine million people in the UK are economically inactive. Attention has focused on the ‘great retirement’ during the pandemic, however, the data reveal a more nuanced picture, with different factors in play across age, gender and geography. High rates of inactivity are bad for individuals and the economy, as this briefing explores.
  • Das ist interessant! Lessons from Germany on levelling up Germany is often held up as an example of a successful regional policy. This briefing focuses on reports from Compass and the Fabian Societ which argue that when faced with similar challenges to the UK, Germany’s decentralised government structures and long-term, collaborative approach have been more effective in ‘levelling up’ and reducing regional disparities.

New campaign: LGIU@40 For the Future of Local Government

LGIU@40 launches a programme of work driven by our core belief in the vital role that local democratic institutions have in creating better places for us all.

Together with our members and the wider sector we will be establishing a set of new ideas about how local government could work better – could be enabled to work better – and how we can build the firm foundations we need to navigate a turbulent and uncertain future. Find out more and get involved. 

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