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Nominations NOW OPEN for Cllr Awards 2023!

The Cllr Awards are the only national acknowledgement of the significant contributions that individual councillors in England, Wales, and Scotland make. Running for the 14th year in England & Wales and the 6th year in Scotland, the LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards are your chance to nominate exceptional councillors in your area.

Despite their crucial roles, councillors are often underappreciated and unrecognized for their efforts. We aim to change the narrative and celebrate these hard-working individuals! Don’t wait to submit your nomination – they’re only open until midnight on Friday, 22 September.

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England policy round-up

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Notable practice round-up

🟢 Everyone can read about inspirational practice and innovation in all four of our LGIU’s core countries, with links to resources that can help you make it real where you are. Read here.

Housing and planning round-up

🔒 LGIU members can get up to speed quickly with the latest developments in housing and planning. Read here.

Health and social care round-up

🔒 LGIU members can access our monthly update on important policy developments, thinking and research on health and social care in the UK. Read here.

Parliamentary update

🔒 LGIU members can follow along with all legislative progress that has an impact on local government. Read here.

Think tank review

🟢 This month our international think tank review is open for everyone! We cover the latest findings from leading think tanks around the globe with insights that are critical for local government. Read here.

BRAND NEW TOPIC: 🏙️ Turnaround cities

In the latest issue of Global Local, we examine the towns and cities that have overcome periods of industrial or economic decline. Read here.

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Each week, we bring you a deep dive into the issues with a new look at local solutions to global challenges. Our recent editions covered:

🇮🇪 Spotlight on Irish local government

A spotlight on all things Irish local government and the vital role they play in the social and economic spheres across this island state. Read here.

👩‍🌾 Rural 20-minute neighbourhoods

An examination of whether the 20-minute neighbourhood concept can be successfully implemented in more rural settings. Read here.

💰 Local government finance

New research, key lessons and useful resources for sustainable local government finance. Read here.

✈️ Tourism for heritage, sustainability and economic development

A look at funding, regulating and developing local tourism to achieve key objectives for your communities. Read here.

💛 Trauma informed services

Exploring how local government can develop services to take account of the needs of people who have suffered trauma as well as supporting victims directly. Read here.

More member resources in June

Each week, we bring LGIU members new resources on key topics and reduce complex information to actionable insights.

Legislation/policy guides

🏠 Listening to tenants: the changing face of social housing regulation in England

Tenants are at the heart of a new system of regulating social landlords in England with inspections due to start in 2024. In preparation, councils and housing associations should be aware of how they will consult tenants about the quality of homes and other customer service. This member-only briefing explores the circumstances.

👦 Youth Justice: Anti-social Behaviour Action Plan and response

This member-only briefing looks at the recently released UK Government’s Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan for England and Wales and the implications it holds for children and young people along with some related publications.

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Case studies

🛥️ Ports and local authorities: understanding the complexity of new and enduring agendas

This member-only case study briefing looks at the UK’s port sector and the major pressures it faces to adapt to environmental challenges. Overall, ports are key players in their cities and communities as they often play a part in defining the area’s identity and culture.

🌳 20-minute neighbourhoods: how does it work for rural communities?

Drawing on case studies from across the UK this member-only briefing will take a specific look at what the 20-minute neighbourhood approach might mean for rural communities.

🧠 Tackling the challenges of adult mental health

This member-only briefing examines the crucial leadership role of local authorities in addressing the growing challenges associated with adult mental health and contains case studies with key insights from councils in England.

Report summary

💻 Just the job: how labour market trends affect local government

The 2021 UK census asked people, among other things, about their jobs. But how does this affect local government? This member-only briefing uses census data to reveal how many people work in different professions, both for councils and in areas of employment affecting public services.

🏙️ Turnaround cities – research on seven cities for the Economy 2030 Commission

Many post-industrial cities around the world are trying to turn around long-term economic underperformance and forge a new future. This member-only briefing explores research for the Resolution Foundation’s Economy 2030 Commission asks what can be learnt from the experience of ‘turnaround cities’ – cities that have overcome economic shocks and turned their fortunes around.

Something for everyone

At LGIU, we’re all about celebrating and showcasing the best of local government. Everyone can read, enjoy and share our open features and interviews. We also encourage anyone to reach out here if you’ve got an idea that you want us to cover or your own story to share with LGIU’s international community of local government.

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Is the potential impending collapse of the housing market a bad thing for the UK economy?

Last week, the Bank of England raised interest rates to 5%, in the face of increasing inflationary pressures, but is this a good or bad thing for the UK economy? LGIU’s England Commissioner, Peter Smith, ponders this question in this article. Read here.

Community action to tackle violence against women and girls

Women’s safety from male violence impacts all women’s lives. In this article, Emma Moseley Policy Officer at Trafford Council explains how GreaterSport’s Right to the Streets is aiming to make streets and public spaces safer for women and girls. Read here.

Focus on England: millions spent on levelling up applications and being better briefed

In this open round-up, we look at some of the big news stories for local government in England, from the impact of Voter ID to ‘ghost children’ and more. Read here.

Get up to speed quickly

Check out the perfect set of resources for new councillors and background reading for everyone! Now that the excitement of local elections has started to fully settle, it’s time to get into the thick of it all – and as usual, LGIU has you covered! Be sure to check out our collection of essential resources for new councillors which includes our essential reading list to get you up to speed quickly on key policy areas 📚

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Climate action and sustainable development

With the impacts of climate change worsening with every passing year, local authorities hold a vital role in both cutting emissions and in developing more resilient places. Discover more of our work.

Communities and society

Communities are what being a councillor is all about. Everyone who makes the decision to stand for election does it out of a desire to make a positive difference to the lives of people in their community. Discover more of our work.

Culture, sport and tourism

An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development? Discover more of our work.

Education and children’s services

Local government is responsible for a diverse range of services that have huge implications for the life chances of children and young people. Discover more of our work.


Local government budgets have been under ever increasing pressure for years and the pandemic fallout and cost of living crisis are exacerbating that. New councillors will want to take time to fully understand this complex system. Discover more of our work.

Health and social care

Councillors are often approached by people in their wards, individually or in local forums, for help over social care issues and you will need to develop a good understanding of how the system operates. Discover more of our work.

Housing and planning

Local authorities play an important role in developing healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensuring that there are enough high-quality homes. Discover more of our work.

Welfare and equalities

Local authorities and councillors keep the machinery of everyday life operating, pick up the pieces and support the most vulnerable in our communities. Discover more of our work.