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The council and the car

Parking is a complex issue that cuts across social, economic, environmental and development policies. There are also new developments in the pipeline that councils need to be aware of and incorporate into their strategies, we explore in detail in our latest research, collection and newsletter.

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More resources on this topic

Collection of LGIU resources

Local government is often responsible for the last mile and the first. This collection of LGIU resources looks at how councils can manage our relationship with the car and its possible alternatives.

Global Local newsletter

This edition of Global Local looks at the role of councils in facilitating and improving transportation within their communities.

Innovative parking strategies

Our brand-new report – supported by RingGo – is intended as an informative tool to aid discussions around future planning.

It is based on a data gathering survey and interviews with parking decision makers across the UK; it explores the topic of parking strategies and if and how councils are preparing for forthcoming innovations and new developments to parking infrastructure.

Nominations NOW OPEN for Cllr Awards 2023!

The Cllr Awards are the only national acknowledgement of the significant contributions that individual councillors in England, Wales, and Scotland make. Running for the 14th year in England & Wales and the 6th year in Scotland, the LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards are your chance to nominate exceptional councillors in your area.

Despite their crucial roles, councillors are often underappreciated and unrecognized for their efforts. We aim to change the narrative and celebrate these hard-working individuals! Don’t wait to submit your nomination – they’re only open until midnight on Friday, 22 September.

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England policy round-up

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Notable practice round-up

🟢 Everyone can read about inspirational practice and innovation in all four of our LGIU’s core countries, with links to resources that can help you make it real where you are. Read here.

Housing and planning round-up

🔒 LGIU members can get up to speed quickly with the latest developments in housing and planning. Read here.

Health and social care round-up

🔒 LGIU members can access our monthly update on important policy developments, thinking and research on health and social care in the UK. Read here.

Parliamentary update

🔒 LGIU members can follow along with all legislative progress that has an impact on local government. Read here.

Think tank review

🟢 This month our international think tank review is open for everyone! We cover the latest findings from leading think tanks around the globe with insights that are critical for local government. Read here.

Don’t miss: 🔬 Citizen Science

In our latest edition of Global Local, we looking at the intersection between citizen science and local government. Read here.

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🚗 The council and the car

We look at the role of councils in facilitating and improving transportation within their communities. Read here.

🇦🇺 Spotlight on Australia

We recently cast a spotlight on Australian local government and their vital role in providing for their communities. Read here.

🌆 Tunaround cities 

We examined the towns and cities that have overcome periods of industrial or economic decline. Read here.

🐄 20-minute neighbourhoods in rural areas

Can the benefits of walkability and service accessibility be brought to rural areas? This edition explores the potential. Read here.

✈️ Tourism for heritage, sustainability and economic development

This newsletter looks at funding, regulating and developing local tourism to achieve key objectives for your communities. Read here.

More member resources in July

Each week, we bring LGIU members new resources on key topics and reduce complex information to actionable insights.

Supporting disabled people into work and out of poverty

This case study briefing highlights the link between disability and poverty. It considers the policy response of both the UK government and the Scottish government, as well as the role of local government, in tackling the challenges of addressing this correlation and improving the livelihoods of disabled citizens.

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🏚️ Five years of the Homelessness Reduction Act: has it made a difference?

The Homelessness Reduction Act is five years old, but homelessness in England is going up, not down. Is the Act partly to blame or are councils doing as much as they can to assist people, thereby limiting rises in homelessness? This member-only briefing investigates.

♻️ Closing the loop – lessons on making a circular economy work locally

This member-only briefing explores case study examples of circular economies from across the UK, Europe and North America. It identifies the opportunities and challenges that circular economies pose for the local government sector and other key public policy areas. The author writes that ‘to close the loop, local government need to take a holistic approach’.

🤝 People’s plans: responding to the resurgence in community-led planning

There is a resurgence of interest from communities in producing people’s plans and local authorities are increasingly challenged by how to respond. This member-only briefing advises local authorities on how they could engage with the groups who are producing people’s plans and provides case study examples.

Something for everyone

At LGIU, we’re all about celebrating and showcasing the best of local government. Everyone can read, enjoy and share our open features and interviews. We also encourage anyone to reach out here if you’ve got an idea that you want us to cover or your own story to share with LGIU’s international community of local government.

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Species-Rich Grassland Projects in Humshaugh Ward, West Northumberland

In this article, Nick Morphet of Northumberland County Council details his work with communities, parish councils and local schoolchildren to create areas of species-rich grassland on road verges. Read here.

Championing community-led research with marginalised groups in Newham

This article explores how the London Borough of Newham, UCL’s Institute of Global Prosperity and local community infrastructure organisation, Compost CIC, are working together to set up a community research network, by and for, marginalised groups in Newham. Read here.

APPG on Local Government – Summer Reception 2023

This month, the APPG on Local Government held its Summer Reception on the Terrace at the House of Commons. The LGIU provides secretariat support to the APPG and we were delighted to help welcome some many guests from across local government, MPs and others. Read here.

How local government can improve political literacy and democratic engagement

In this article, Matteo Bergamini, CEO and Founder of Shout Out UK, reflects on their recent work with the GLA and sheds light on the ways local authorities can encourage political literacy and democratic engagement. Read here.

What’s the new Office for Local Government all about?

In this article, Dr Andrew Walker, LGIU’s Head of Research, discusses the updates (or lack of) surrounding the aloof Office for Local Government. He poses some straightforward questions about the purpose of this new government office, what it may mean for trust in local government and how it will differ from the DHLUC. Read here.

What is a monitoring officer and what do they do? Here are the answers

In this article, Beth Haines and Dr Greg Stride, from our Local Democracy Research Centre, look into the existing research on Monitoring Officers in English local government and answer all the key questions you may have ahead of some upcoming research exploring the changing role of monitoring officers. Read here.

The big lesson from the Covid-19 pandemic: local authorities are vital

In this article, Richard Machin, a Senior Lecturer in social work and health at Nottingham Trent University, argues that not everything about the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented. Instead, the situation demonstrated the vital role local authorities play in supporting the local community and we now need to value that even more going forward. Read here.

Celebrating the first local council clerk week in England and Wales

The Society of Local Council Clerks has launched the ‘Local Council Clerk Week’ – the first celebration of its kind in England and Wales. In this article, they highlight why it’s important to raise the profile of local council clerks and recognise the wide-ranging and critical work they carry out for their communities. Read here.

The challenge of the migration crisis

The escalating migration crisis is causing major divisions between central and local government, and within and across communities. What can local authorities do to facilitate more cohesive and cooperative approaches to addressing the challenges? Read here.

Take a deep dive into our collections

Our hand-curated collections of LGIU resources bring you issues in depth and in context. Why not dive into our most recently crafted collections? From exclusive LGIU member content to our Global Local newsletters, plus articles which are free for anyone to read, our collections provides resources to support better policy and practice for your communities.

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Environmental governance

This collection showcases the wide range of LGIU work that covers all things environmental governance on a local level, including best environmental practice from local leaders around the world, the importance of community engagement, and adaptation and resilience strategies. Dive in right here.


This next climate collection tackles pollution, including air, waste and water. From exclusive LGIU member content to our Global Local newsletters, plus articles which are free for anyone to read, these collections provide resources to support better policy and practice for your communities. Get into the thick of it all right here.

Energy – powering local future

Last, but not least, this collection explores energy on a local level, including transitions in energy sources and powering future homes. It has plenty of key resources to offer for staff and councillors in public services that aspire to drive a sustainable energy transition in their areas. Read all about it here.


A stronger democracy begins with democracy at the local level, to build on the networks and connections of civic life that matter to people. Local government is what brings together the strands, connects the threads and enables the things that we want to happen. It brings together growth and services and gives people a stake in their places. Explore here.

Cost of living

Around the globe, many economies are going through what is being dubbed a ‘cost of living crisis’. There are several factors that have contributed to stopping people’s income from stretching as far as before – and for some, that now means struggling to cover basic needs such as food, warmth and shelter.  Lessons we learn now can support low-income families in future. Explore the collection.

The council and the car

Local government is often responsible for the last mile and the first. This collection of LGIU resources looks at how councils can manage our relationship with the car and its possible alternatives. Dive in here.