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By local government for local government. LGIU brings our members daily news that matters to local government, key policy roundups, essential briefings, discounted training and free workshops, and fresh looks at local solutions to global challenges. These are just the highlights of what we’ve done in the last four weeks.

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Our recent member briefings for Australia

Each week we bring you new briefings on key topics and reduce complex information to actionable insights.


Shared agendas: Advancing commonwealth local government cooperation

Over the past three years at LGIU, we have researched and circulated well over one hundred briefing papers on key issues facing Australian governments and communities. This compilation briefing covers eight key topics that have featured prominently in our recent work and aims to help inform further progress in federal-local relations. Read it here. 


Recent briefings for local government in Australia

Housing affordability crisis: Reconfiguring the debate

First in a two part-series, we explore the complex and longer-term trends compounding Australia’s housing crisis and provides insights into how we got here.

Halfway to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

We revisit Australia’s sustainable development commitment and the central imperative of sustainable development in localisation to support national and global goals.

Unpacking common concerns about the Voice

The Prime Minister of Australia recently announced the wording of the proposed amendment and question for the people of Australia for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament to be inserted into the Australian Constitution. This Q&A briefing helps local government fully understand the proposal and its implications.

Do emissions-controlled zones work? A review of the results

Emissions-controlled zones have been floated as a possibility in New South Wales. This briefing explores the evidence from other countries and the various pros and cons they offer to factors like health, environment and economy.

The role of local government in domestic pet management

Supporting the needs of pet owners and ensuring community safety when it comes to animal management can be a complex task. We look at the different ways in which state and local governments approach domestic animals and pest management.

Policy roundups

Our roundups are ideal for keeping up with the latest developments in key policy areas.

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Notable practice roundup

For everyone! Read about inspirational practice and innovation in all four of our LGIU sister countries, with links to resources that can help you make it real where you are.  Read it here.

Think tank review

This month for everyone! We round up the latest findings from leading think tanks around the globe with insights that are critical for local government. This month: offices to houses, public services digital, Covid recovery fraud, whistle blowing and active travel. Read here. 

And Finally: Our weekly roundup

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Take a deep dive into our collections

Our hand curated collections of LGIU resources bring you issues in depth and in context.  Why not dive into our most recently crafted collections.

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A stronger democracy begins with democracy at the local level, to build on the networks and connections of civic life that matter to people. Local government is what brings together the strands, connects the threads and enables the things that we want to happen. It brings together growth and services and gives people a stake in their places. Explore here. 

Cost of living

Around the globe, many economies are going through what is being dubbed a ‘cost of living crisis’. There are several factors that have contributed to stopping people’s income from stretching as far as before – and for some, that now means struggling to cover basic needs such as food, warmth and shelter.  Lessons we learn now can support low-income families in future. Explore the collection.

Spotlight on Ireland

We’re celebrating all things Irish local government. From leisure to leadership, we’re showcasing the range of work taking place across Irish local authorities, including the services not always associated with councils, such as arts and heritage, urban and village renewal, and tourism. Explore here. 

Featured articles and leadership profiles

Our good reads for everyone celebrating local government in Scotland and expert opinion.

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What the 2023 National General Assembly tells us about local government in Australia and beyond

Taking place over 4 days in June 2023, LGIU Australia was honoured to attend and contribute to the 29th National General Assembly with our CEO Jonathan-Carr West speaking on the first panel on the Future of Local Government. Read here. 


In conversation with Brett Luxford, Chief Executive of Mitchell Shire Council

Brett Luxford, Chief Executive of Mitchell Shire Council, discusses the opportunities and challenges facing their council and the wider sector. Read here. 

Compulsory Councillor candidate training: Insights from Victoria

With local government elections in Victoria, Australia, set for October 2024, we spoke with Local Government Victoria to find out more about compulsory pre-candidate training, and the benefits for the local government sector. Read here.

Do you know a great councillor?

Nominate a real community champion to our Global Local Showcase. Our 2023 Cllr Awards will highlight locally elected office holders who have delivered for their communities. Find out more here. 

Global Local

Catch up on our thematic bulletin which curates local solutions to global challenges.

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Don’t miss: 💰 Local government finance

map and money
We go beyond the bottom line with findings from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre which examines and compares local government funding and finance systems. Our latest Global Local bulletin highlights innovative practice and shares resources to help you make the best of your budget. Read here.

Be sure to check out our full international local government finance collection for even more insights on this important topic.

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Read the latest from Global Local

Each week we bring you a deep dive into the issues with a new look at local solutions to global challenges. Our recent editions covered:

☘️  Spot light on Ireland

Highlights from our work in Ireland, sharing innovation and best practice from Irish local government. Read here. 

 🐄  20 minute neighbourhoods in rural areas

Can the benefits of walkability and service accessibility be brought to rural areas? Read here. 

✈️ Tourism for heritage, sustainability and economic development

A look at funding, regulating and developing local tourism to achieve key objectives for your communities. Read here.

💛 Trauma informed services

Exploring how local government can develop services to take account of the needs of people who have suffered trauma as well as supporting victims directly. Read here.

LGIU@40 For the Future of Local Government

LGIU@40 launches a programme of work driven by our core belief in the vital role that local democratic institutions have in creating better places for us all.

Together with our members and the wider sector we will be establishing a set of new ideas about how local government could work better – could be enabled to work better – and how we can build the firm foundations we need to navigate a turbulent and uncertain future. Find out more and get involved. 

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